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Mohzall, The Shatterer

In a war that contained Lich Kings and Black Dragons, Mohzall arrived in the dying months and caused more damage than any other entity in the entire conflict. The land of Aldenia will forever remember the creature they now call The Shatterer.
— Shagrax Niron, Dragonborn historian & author of Dragons Throughout History


Mohzall looks as if he had been hewn from the mountains themselves. Over 60ft in length, he is a horrifying prospect to come face to face with. Unlike any dragon seen in this world before, Mohzall has a hide more akin to overlapping boulders than scale like with stalagmite like teeth adorning a cavernous jaw. A dragon of few words, the few times he has spoken, it is said it was like the Earth itself was angry. Large outgrowths grown into rocky spikes run along his spine and tail, along with upon the crest of his head. Huge pillars of stone protrude from Mohzall's shoulders.   Since there is no detailed accounts of these beasts in any literature, it was impossible to judge Mohzall's age at first. However, recovered notes from The Council of Nine's fortress state that this beast is around 800 years old at that time, putting him in the Ancient category. Due to being returned to the Earth Plane, it is assumed that he may still be alive, since records of dragons living at least 1,500 years are reasonably common, as long as they are not unnaturally claimed before then. It was rumoured that the Primal Dragons had longer lifespans than other dragons, however.  

Primal History

The Earthquake Dragon is a species belonging to a group of dragons known as Primal Dragons. The Primals were brought into the world by an alliance of malevolent elemental demigods to reshape the world into their image. The Primal Uprising occurred around 4000BCE. It concluded with the Primal Dragons being banished to their respective elemental planes where they have stayed ever since. At least, that was until The Council of Nine released Mohzall. Mohzall's age means he was born within the plane and therefore has spent all 800 years of his life there prior to escaping.  

Mohzall, The Shatterer

As an Earthquake dragon, Mohzall held immense power. He was capable of creating enormous earthquakes that ripped the ground to pieces. That was his only goal upon entering the mortal realm. Whilst the forces of light were distracted with their success of restoring the Ancestral Tree, The Council of Nine managed to bring Mohzall from the Earth Plane at the tail end of 2 BCE. Finally free of his trappings, Mohzall immediately started causing havoc to Aldenia, toppling mountains and causing earthquakes. He announced himself as a catastrophic danger by destroying Soloon Island, leaving it splintered into hundreds of various sized islets. This new multitude of islands are now simply referred to as The Shattered Isles, and this is how he got his moniker.   He would follow this up a few months later by building on that success. Mozhall ripped an entire region off of eastern Aldenia, which is now separated from the mainland by miles of unnaturally, constantly violent seas.   Growing ever more ambitious, Mohzall attempted to break the entire continent in half, right down the middle. He was eventually banished back to the Earth Plane during this and if he had been allowed any more time, he probably would have been successful in this endeavour too. Even with the banishment, Mozhall's Chasm - as it now known - was left as a constant reminder of this fearsome creatures power. Mohzall's Chasm is a deep and wide canyon - a few miles at its widest point - that runs from the Dragon's Teeth mountains in the north almost all the way to south coast.  

An Alliance

Though Mohzall showed no mercy to the citizens of Aldenia during the destruction he inflicted upon the continent, because The Council of Nine were the ones to unshackle him from his trappings, he owed them a life debt. Whilst they had no influence on his destructive objectives, it was believed that he would honour their achievement by sparing the area in which the The Council dwelled. The discovery of Astrona Emberwild's notes were a vital resource in understanding the alliance between the destructive entity and the more tactical Council. The Combined Notes of The Dark Council's release into the general public allowed an insight for many scholars & historians to aid their research in this way.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Shatterer
Year of Birth
800 BCE 1385 Years old
Earth Plane
Current Residence
Earth Plane
30ft (if upper torso upright).
~ 250 tons, estimation using size & material.
Aligned Organization

Mentality & Personality

The so-called Earthquake dragon has an innate rage that builds within it and they have an unflinching desire to unleash it through their ability to shake the very ground they seem to be made of. Even young wyrmlings are afflicted with this curse and can cause strong enough earthquakes to topple buildings. As such, all known specimens were banished to the Earth Plane aeons ago. This apparent caging only stoked the anger that formed within the Earthquake dragons and Mohzall was trapped there for centuries before The Council of Nine released him. Unlike many dragons, the Earthquake dragon has no urge to hoard.   Mohzall was a dragon of few words. Whilst a lot of dragons have a tendency towards to the dramatic, when Mohzall did speak, his choice of words were direct and to the point. It is said that when he spoke, it was a with a deep, guttural tone that vibrated the very ground beneath them.  

The Shattering of Soloon Island

The destruction of a once prosperous republic took a matter of mere minutes. It was there one moment, broken beyond recognition the next. It was the single largest loss of life in recorded history.  
Soloon Republic
Organization | Jul 10, 2018

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