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The Aldenian Archaeological Society


The Aldenian Archaeological Society is one of the oldest organisations in the world. Formed in the early days of the Age of Discovery, it was brought about as one of the institutions trusted with researching about previous eras. At the time no records existed due to an apparent cleansing of any records dated prior to the start of the Age of Discovery.  

Current Members and Roles


In charge of the whole Society, its day to day needs and long term progress.   Headmistress: Velma Redstream  


Primarily tasked with the processing of discovered knowledge, tomes and scripts.   Researchers: Gregory Chaucer, Ivy Rowntree  


Archaeologists are the in-the-field workers, sent on expeditions in order to discover the secrets of past civilisations or items of historical importance. Originally, these were one of few people allowed to research the time prior to the Age of Discovery, but as the current time is now a few thousand years down the line, their focus is all of history.   Archaeologists: Susynna Crewe, Iririen Laranonel, Carac Tworb, Celza Yellfix, Jraxler Rahman.  

Cleansers (Medicynare)

Cleansers, or in the Old Tongue - Medicynare, a charged with the duty of dispelling any dangerous magic from recovered artefacts. They are experts in magic detection and removal. They are not necessarily a permanent Society member but rather a specialist acquired from the Medora.   Cleansers: Caresta Nhaendran, Barbary.  


These are in charge of cataloguing and maintenance of any on-site artefacts, especially those displayed within the Museum.   Head Curator: Mirelth Moonshadow Curators: Gluri Bonegrip, Marigold Cartwright

Public Agenda

The Archaeological Society has a dual purpose. Firstly, to uncover the mysteries of the past and secondly, to record them and share them with the public by way of the attached museum.
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