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River's Fork


  • 86% Human
  • 4% Dwarf
  • 4% Gnome
  • 4% Elf
  • 2% Other Races.


Like all settlements in Aldenia, River's Fork is run by a small council.


At the centre of River's Fork is a market triangle, rather than a market square, its three corners feed the roads that lead to Ullford, Dawnstone and Brinewatch respectively.

Guilds and Factions

River's Fork is home to The Aldenian Archaeological Society. They hold no sway over political matters but are a major tourist boon thanks to the adjoining museum, which displays artefacts and replicas from Aldenia's history (and some from farther afield).


As a location of naturally (or perhaps unnaturally) diverging paths, the river's fork has always held a small amount of intrigue. Why does the river split the way it does? The reason is presumed to be magical, though no magical essence has ever been detected. The splitting point has never moved and the land has never eroded there. Once that was established, so was the town itself.   River's Fork has always held an academic presence, the Archaeological Society is one of the oldest organisations in the world. Whilst the Society do live up to their name by embarking on archaeologic expeditions, they are are also a centre for historical research and learning.   In the years shortly before The Cataclysm War broke out, the Medora of Dawnstone were looking to expand the reach of their arcane teaching and learning outside of the capital and River's Fork was one such site. Unfortunately, whilst construction was completed on the main tower at least, the Medora suffered too great a number of casualties during the War that it was not feasible to continue with the expansion plans. The rest of the surrounding buildings now lay in ruin, but the Abandoned Tower stands strong, though devoid of windows or doors. No one has ever been able to breach its walls, it's as if there's a greater force in play when it comes to the Tower as even to those capable of detecting magical auras do not get one from the building.


River's Fork is so named because it is built upon a fork in the River Ull. Rivers often converge but rarely split. The land around is relatively flat, apart from the large hill to the south-east upon which the Abandoned Tower sits.
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