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The Radiant Tower

Even in a city the size of Dawnstone, the Radiant Tower still manages to be seen for miles around, such is its height and majesty.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer


The Radiant Tower was built with the majority of what would become the Inner Circle of Dawnstone. The exact date is lost to time but it is presumed to be alongside Dawnstone's founding at the beginning of the Age of Discovery. The first recorded documents are dated after the Tower's building as it was the Medora who wrote them. Only the Dwarven Scholars of the Nether Archive produced writings but those were in parallel due to the Dwarven culture being in a similar state of rebuilding. Curiously, the first writings in the Elven city of Irallien, which supposedly was the only city to have survived the Primordial Uprising, date several years after anything written by the Dwarven Scholars or the Medora.   The Radiant Tower is referred to in such ancient documents as Solaro, which in the Olde Tongue translates to 'To the Sun' or 'To the Light' (as Sol could mean either).  


It is one of three buildings built of pure Whitestone, the other two being the Sun Palace and the Temple of the Dawn. It was built as a ten-story building. The ground floor was dedicated to the Medir Novas (Mage Students). The first floor houses The Radiant Repository, an archive of magic-related knowledge and artefacts. The seven floors above belonged to each of the schools of magic, in which Medora and higher-ranking Medora Magus (Archmage in Common language). Necromancy has no home in The Radiant Tower. The top floor was the home of the Medora Prima, the highest-ranking mage.   The tower was built 50ft wide and 200ft tall, including its grand spire. This layout has never changed throughout the entire history of The Radiant Tower's existence, at least not externally. Internally, the inner dimensions were expanded as the Medora's numbers grew through the ages. It is said to quite the disorienting experience for first-timers entering the Tower in the current day.  

Current Status

The Radiant Tower is at full strength after over half a millennia of rebuilding its numbers following the end of the Cataclysm War. The Tower itself took no damage, as it never has through any conflict, but the casualties amongst the Medora were plentiful. It was estimated that roughly 80% of the battle-capable Medora lost their lives during the War.   The current Medora Prima is Axon Dyros
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