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The Temple of the Dawn

There's a spot in the Kor ol'Sol where you can see the pure white landmarks of the Radiant Tower and the Temple of the Dawn to each side and the Palace before you, each of them breathtaking in their own right.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer


The Temple of the Dawn is built out of pure Whitestone. It is one of only three buildings to be entirely made from pure whitestone and it was constructed in parallel with Dawnstone Palace and The Radiant Tower. The Inner Wall, which was the only wall at the time, was the only other structure built with that stone but all repairs to the wall in the years since have had to be done with the impure form to the point where it cannot be considered as still a pure whitestone structure.   In terms of floor space, The Temple of the Dawn is not the largest, that accolade belongs to the Temple of the Primordial. However, the Temple of the Dawn is the tallest of all the temples. This is a deliberate instruction when the temples were instructed. Not only was to be made from pure whitestone to indicate its dedication to the light, but it must also all be the one closest to the Divine Realm that is supposedly above.   It is also the first Temple you will reach when heading from the entrance to the Inner Circle to the Temple District.  


As with all the Temples in Dawnstone, there are three levels of holy person that work and reside in the temple. They are Priest/ess, High Priest/ess and the Priest/ess Supreme (of which there is only one). As a holy order, the priests of the temples are more prone to using the ancient version of their titles, Devotar, Devotar Magus and Devotar Prima. The Olde Tongue variations of their titles match the mages of the Radiant Tower in terms of Magus and Prima, though the modern translations curiously differ (Archmage - High Priest, Archmage Prime - Priest Supreme). It is thought that at the time of their foundings, this was a deliberate choice of terminology to reflect the two sides of practised magic in the city, the arcane and the divine. The reason for the divergence in this manner is unknown.   Ascension through the ranks of Priesthood is purely down to dedication and being put forward your fellow devoted. High Priests will present the Priest Supreme when they believe a Priest is ready for the next rank. In the event of the death of a Priest Supreme or, if they leave the position for any other reason, the High Priests will gather. A consensus will eventually be reached and one of their numbers will ascend to Priest Supreme.  

Famous Individuals

The most famous priestess to walk the halls of the Temple of the Dawn was Astrona Emberwild. She was and still is the youngest individual to rise to the rank of High Priest/ess. Unfortunately, grief led her astray and she became the leader of The Council of Nine, the evil group responsible for The Cataclysm War.  


The Temple of the Dawn is dedicated to Athar and Alios, the gods of the dawn and light respectively. These are seen as separate entities in the pantheon of Axora and are given unique worship accordingly. Athar has aspects such as the dawn, birth and generally the young under his godly duties.  

Other Responsibilities

The Temple of the Dawn also holds an orphanage in the name of Athar. It is this orphanage which took in the young Aregos Falstar, who grew up with Astrona during his time in the Temple, before joining the Dawn's Guard at 18.
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