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  As with any institution founded prior to the Age of Exploration, the destruction of all public records removed the ability to know the precise details surrounding the Medora's formation. The term Medora comes from the Old Tongue words for 'mage' (Medir) and 'dawn' (Ora), hence the more modern sobriquet of 'Radiant Mages'. The Radiant Tower has stood as their headquarters for as long as there has been public records again, and the fact that it appears to have been built from Whitestone implies that it was built at the same time as Dawnstone Palace, likely as one of the first structures in Dawnstone. Therefore, with no particular myths or stories about the Medora's origins, it is assumed their beginning was a mundane one, simply forming as an institution around the same time as Dawnstone, and the human side of Aldenia came into fruition.  

Throughout History

  The Medora stand separate from the Medion, which act as the military faction of mages in the human-controlled part of Aldenia alongside the regular Dawn's Guard army. The Medora serve as a more intellectually focused institution, dedicated to the research and development of magic. However, in times of great need, such as The Cataclysm War, they have stood side-by-side with the Medion to defend civilisation. Typically less disciplined in battle magic, they can still provide suitable power in such moments - especially those dedicated to researching Primalism (for more: Magic in Axora).  


  The head of the Medora is the Medora Prima. Then, each school of magic (including Necromancy) has its own head, known as the Medora Eldar. There is a training period for new Medora, officially titling them as a Medora Nova (pl Novae). There is no dedicated timespan required to ascend from Nova to full Medora, simply when a candidate is deemed ready by the Eldare.   Currently, the Medora leadership is as follows:  
  • Medora Prima - Axon Dyros
  • Medora Eldar of Primalism - Mansi Mortle
  • Medora Eldar of Mentalism - Andradant Morvell
  • Medora Eldar of Materialism - Jarod Nestwere
  • Medora Eldar of Imbuement - Vigil
  • Medora Eldar of Cleansing - Estella McArty
  • Medora Eldar of Necromancy - Theadora Hawdon


    Within The Radiant Tower there is no strict uniform, Novae and Eldare are expected to wear their respective rank badges in clearly visible locations, but beyond that, no uniform in enforced. Outside The Radiant Tower, in public events especially, the Medora don the red robes with gold trim that signify their association. They share these colours with the Dawn's Guard, albeit with a less armour-based outfit, as red and gold are the colours of Dawnstone, and the human contingent of Aldenia as a whole.  

    For Dungeon Delvers & Dragon Slayers

  • Primalism = Evocation & Conjuration
  • Mentalism = Divination & Illusion
  • Materialism = Transmutation
  • Imbuement = Enchantment
  • Cleansing = Abjuration
  •   And of course, Necromancy is the same.   Mansi Mortle and Anradant Morvell remain the heads of Evocation and Illusion respectively. The heads of Conjuration and Divination are Halorin Brown (half-elf) and Lale Prosanne (human).
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