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Old Tongue

The Old Tongue, sometimes referred to as Old Axoran or Primal Axoran, is the language used by inhabitants of Axora before The Age of Discovery. An event occurred at the end of the Primal Age, the era that preceded the Age of Discovery that caused the world to purge its documents, but its usage did continue into the Age of Discovery long enough for there to be enough examples of the Old Tongue to maintain a functioning language that can still be learned to this day. Whilst it is a dead language in terms of daily life, speaking it is a vital skill for scholars and mages in particular as many ancient artefacts and locations have Old Tongue scripts with or on them.  

Verb forms

All verbs in the Old Tongue, with the except of 'Ber' (to be) start with the unmodified form (to <verb>) that ends in -ar. For example, to have is 'avar'.   In the present tense, the following modifications are made for each pronoun associated. First the -ar is dropped and the following are added:   I - no addition
You (sing.) - u
He/She/It/They (sing.) - a
We - e
You pl.- ue
They pl. - ae
  For example, 'avar' (to have) would become:
I have - av
You (sing.) have - avu
He/she/it has - ava
We have - ave
You (pl.) have - avue
They have - avae
  The one exception, 'ber' (to be) goes under the following, similar but slightly differing rules:
I am - ber
You (sing.) are - beru
He/She/It is - bera
We are - bere
You (pl.) are - berue
They are - berae
  Essentially, it does not drop any letters before the modifications are added.  

Past Tense

The past tense in the Old Tongue is incredibly simple. The -ar is dropped on all verbs and replaced with -ad. For instance, I had would be 'avad'. This is the same regardless of the pronouns being used. Again the only exception is 'ber', where the -ad is just added, becoming 'berad'.


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