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Khul Boldir


Khul Boldir is the Dwarven capital city, located in the north-west of Aldenia. Khul Boldir in the Dwarven language translates to "Harsh Mountain" in the common tongue. The current ruler of the Dwarven nation is Thandeg Boneforge. Whilst the population is mostly Dwarven, they are not an exceptionally insular society, in the same manner as the High Elves of Irallien. The relatively lower populations of other races is mostly down to the remote location, and underground setting, of the city.


The Dwarven King is the ultimate authority of Khul Boldir and Dwarvenkind as a whole. Assisting the King with everyday matters are the heads of the Trade Guilds, who form a kind of pseudo-council.


  • 88% Dwarf
  • 10% Gnome
  • 2% Assorted Other (Altarans and Dracarans, mostly, plus envoys and representatives)


Predominantly, dwarves worship Grommog Anvilback, the god of dwarves, who is said to have been a mortal ascended to godhood. The healthy proportion of Gnomes sees their own ascended god, Kril Silverguard, see significant worship in the city. Beyond those; Dugarth, god of the underground; Armon, god of earth; and Karf, god of crafting rank highly amongst Dwarven culture.


Most of the city is hewn from the mountain it resides in. The entrance level was mostly built from the stone mined by expanding further into what was already a large cavern, the lower levels were carved directly as they were descended into. Dwarven architecture is a paradoxical mix of raw functionality and elaborate detail, when they want to.

Geography & Climate

Aldenia has a temperate climate. The winters can get relatively cold, especially in the northwest where Khul Boldir is, dipping below freezing consistently in those months. Khul Boldir, however, in its cavern is its own heating. Even in the winter, there is a comfortable level of warmth that persists.


One may expect a city based in a cavern to be devoid of flora. Khul Boldir actually has one of the largest gardens in the world, known as 'De Vornedunn' (The Place of Plants, in common, but the use of the formal 'De' signifies its status as highly important). De Vornedunn is garden that covers the first mile inside the entrance of the cave, spreading at least four miles in width. At the very near entrance, which gets daylight still, there are even trees. The rest of the gardens hosts a wide variety of plant life that can all survive in minimal-to-no sunlight. Similarly, using the natural heat generated by the mountain, relevant vegetable are grown in special "greenhouses". The bioluminescent lichen and moss that natural grows in the cavern is also carefully cultivated.



Since Khul Boldir was founded prior to the Age of Discovery and before the Purge of Knowledge, no one knows when or why Khul Boldir was founded where it was. The assumption is made that Grommog Anvilback was probably involved, but that's almost entirely based on his status amongst Dwarven culture.


Like the other two of the 'Original Three' capitals, Khul Boldir is built in a highly defensible position, meaning it has rarely been threaten in recorded history.

During the Cataclysm War

Khul Boldir itself was never subjected to an invasion within its cavern, but the bridge that crosses the cavern in front of its entrance was destroyed by Mohzall, indirectly, by his presence in the area. However, once Mohzall moved on, the Dwarves rebuilt the bridge in a matter of weeks.


That majority of damage to Khul Boldir was cosmetic and, like the bridge, an indirect result of Mohzall's presence. However, unlike the bridge, which was needed for trade, troops and everything else to leave the city, the cosmetic damage was left until the war was officially over. Once it was, the repairs were made with a similar level of expediency.
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  • Altaran - Goliath
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