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Mon Olono


Mon Olono comes from the Olde Tongue, as most mountains' true names are. Originally called Mon ol'Ono, over time the apostrophe was dropped. Mon ol'Ono, however, literally means 'Mountain of One', named purely due its solitary nature. In the Elven society, it is known as E'mintan, which translates to 'He Who Stands Alone'. It is argued this is the origin of the common word 'Mountain', or at least combined with the Olde Tongue 'Mon'. Tribal societies, such as Goliaths, refer to this mountain as 'Wolf Mountain', in part due to it's lonely nature, in part due to the wolves that inhabit it and in part because people who attempt to challenge it, rarely make it out alive.  


Due to the lack of any volcanic activity under the mountain or anywhere in the vicinity, it is presumed Mon Olono was formed during the Primal Age, by one of the Primal Forces. The mountain is made of volcanic rock, however. Due to the Earthquake Dragon, Mohzall's, freeing during The Cataclysm War, society has accepted that the Primal Dragons were real and not the myths there were regarded as previously. As such, it is likely Mon Olono was created by a Volcanic Dragon.


Mon Olono is roughly 4,500ft, which means it is by no means the tallest mountain in Aldenia. However, by virtue of being the only mountain for miles around, it rises above any obstacle on the horizon for a great distance beyond. The base starts off relatively shallow, with mountain paths formed over millennia by various species who call it home, but once the first 1,000ft or so is reached, the mountain becomes far less travelled and harder to traverse if one wished to go any higher.

Fauna & Flora

Various mountain dwelling lifeforms call Mon Olono home. These most notably include wolves, ogres, Altarans (Goliaths) and the elusive Roc bird. Whilst no passage to the Undrelm (literally 'Below Realm') is directly accessible from the caves that are dotted around its rocky base, it stands to reason that the creatures that dwell down there potentially reside beneath the mountain, in its old now dormant volcanic channels.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wolf Mountain, He Who Stands Alone.
Mountain / Hill
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