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It was like a dozen cultures had been put in a furnace to create the most beautiful, chaotic stained glass window you will ever see.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


  • 66% Human
  • 8% Dwarf
  • 8% Gnome
  • 7% Elf
  • 13% Other Races (Inc. highest percentage of non-Aldenia native races in Aldenia).
  Pretty much all of the Aldenian cultures are represented here, the main four of human, dwarf, gnome and elf have significant populations here. Each of the 'Big Four' traders come from each of those races (Ironfoot - Dwarven, Justor/Sisters - Human, Lorelia - Elf, Clankfoot - Gnome). That's not to say their employees are exclusively from their own race, though.


Lord Mikarl Yolassi is officially in charge of the Brinewatch area. He leads the council for Brinewatch with the heads of the largest trade companies that operate out of the port, along with the local Lawkeeper Captain.


Both the land and coastal boundaries are met with thick walls adorned with ballistae to repel sea and air assaults alike.

Industry & Trade

The majority of working folk in Brinewatch are employed by the major trade companies. Those that do not will be providing some kind of service for their seafaring friends, such as innkeepers, blacksmiths and woodworkers. Due to the large variety of cultures represented in Brinewatch, it features the most colourful and varied market outside of the capital and even then, the markets in Dawnstone will be stocked by way of Brinewatch.

Guilds and Factions

There are four major trading companies that operate out of Brinewatch: Ironfoot Imports & Exports, The Sisters of the Sea (formerly The Justor Trading Company), The Lorelai Collective and Clankbolt's Cargo. Roughly four fifths of all trade is done through those companies and the remaining one fifth by smaller operations or illicitly by persons operating outside of the Traders Guild.


Post Cataclysm Wars

Mohzall's splitting of the eastern coast had a major impact on Brinewatch. What was once a relatively small port became the most accessible place to dock. The sea between the mainland and Eastern Isle has been incessantly violent and therefore impassible ever since that fateful event nearly six hundred years ago, which means that traders from far off lands to the East have to sail all the way around the island and make call at the most south-easterly corner of Aldenia instead: Brinewatch. In the following years, Brinewatch rapidly expanded to accommodate this surge in visitors.


The limited space to build upon has forced Brinewatch into what is now its iconic narrow cobbled streets with similarly narrow, but tall, buildings. The majority have peaked slate roofs, and are made of timber framed stone, painted to the owner's desire. This lends itself to the kind of scene pictured to the right.   The presence of so many cultures also means one could easily pass through six or seven areas with drastically different atmospheres and aesthetics, especially those populated with races from far off lands such as Mysandros and Drassau. Aspects of their homeland's approaches to architecture can be seen within their neighbourhoods.


Brinewatch is built on a small peninsula in the most south-easterly corner of the continent, that eventually tapers to curved point where one would find the Brinewatch Lighthouse. The land itself rises from the coast and peaks where the two slopes on either side meet. The sloped nature of the peninsula gives way to a much flatter spread as you travel further inland. The sea to the north-east bubbles with latent anger, just mildly influenced by The Raging Sea that separates Aldenia from The Eastern Isle. The seas the south are much more typical and their choppiness is entirely dependant on the weather.

Natural Resources

Brinewatch's only natural resources come from the mining of slate and even then that's mostly handled by the mining villages to the west but still fall under the Yolassi family's jurisdiction. Other than that, much like most of Aldenia, Brinewatch is self sufficient food-wise thanking to the rich farming land to the north-west.
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