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Oban Dartell

Oban Dartell (a.k.a. The Urchin Lord)


One would not be able to pick Oban Dartell out of a crowd easily. He is neither tall or particularly handsome, he is not fat or loud. He does not wear flashy clothing either or ostentatious jewellery. In fact, Oban Dartell's seeming desire is to be to be as unremarkable as possible. He wears a plain tunic and simple leather trousers, he has almost-black hair that is kept mostly shoulder length and short-but-always-scruffy beard. He hands are calloused from years of hard work and his boots always look well-worn even if they're relatively new. The only truly distinguishing feature of Oban Dartell is a old, faint scar that runs along the edge of his beard on the left cheek. Now into his middle age, he wears each of his fifty years in his appearance.   Those that know Dartell know that his humble appearance is exactly matching of his personality too. Oban is a man who knows where he came from and seeks to look after those that find themselves in the same trouble.  

The Urchin Lord

Oban Dartell is known to most by the moniker 'The Urchin Lord', this is due to him both apparently being an urchin in earlier life and currently looking after most of the town's urchins. Oban owns a warehouse in the Hooked Docks, where anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of not being able to afford food or even clothing can get a decent meal and some basic threads.  

The Silent Shadows

Dartell is not only a leader for the urchins of Brinewatch, but the Master Prime for Brinewatch. Oban ascended to the the head of The Silent Shadows division in the area a decade ago. His position in society has essentially provided him and the Silent Shadows with an unknowing network of spies in the town as the town's urchins are always ready to share gossip when enjoying the gifts of Dartell's warehouse. Occasionally, Dartell will select one such urchin to take under his wing and attempt to induct them into the Silent Shadows. Katakeleo Galadanel was one such individual who could call The Urchin Lord as a personal mentor.
Current Location
Date of Birth
25th of Nitunia 533PC
Year of Birth
533 PC 52 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization


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