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The Silent Shadows

For centuries the idea of a organisation secretly pulling the strings has kept the conspiracy theorist of the world occupied.
— Isarilla Verde, Myths of Aldenia


If the Silent Shadows were to exist and were not just the creation of fevered imaginations, then they would operate in the following fashion. They are not a nefarious organisation, though they do influence the world significantly. It is theorised they were set up in the aftermath of the Cataclysm War as a way of covertly continuing to run the affairs of the world even if the actual leadership were ever eliminated.  

Ranks & Structure

Grandmaster of Shadows

The Grandmaster is the ultimate position of power within organisation, they are said to be based at the main headquarters in Dawnstone, though the Master Prime there is still in control of the daily running of that division.  

Master Prime

The Master Prime is in charge of each division (location) of the Silent Shadows  


The rank of Master is given to operatives who served with distinction for a long time to be recognised in such a way. They act with the Master Prime in each division to co-ordinate their efforts in that region.  


- Operatives are the essential cogs of the organisation, often filtered into specific specialities:
  • Whispermen - those that subtly influence the world using words and propaganda.
  • Shadowmelders - those that lurk in shadows and observe and listen.
  • Silent Assassins - those that deal with certain issues with a little more violence. This is not necessarily always assassination of individual, it can be simply dealing with a monstrous threat for instance.
  • Plainsighters - those in a position of power with the capability of influencing major events but are secretly a member of the Silent Shadows.
  • Remote Operative - those that travel the world, typically adventurers, and are not limited to a division. They can report from afar and join efforts when they are near a division if they so desire.
  • Gatekeeper - those that are positioned at the entrance locations to the secret headquarters and provide access.


- Initiates are new members under consideration for inclusion. They are not told any specifics of the organisation nor are they allowed into any of the headquarters until the initiation task has been completed.  


The Silent Shadows operate with hubs in major cities across Aldenia, though they may have further divisions elsewhere. There main division in the human capital of Dawnstone and there are divisions in Brinewatch, Oakharbour and Ullford.  

Initiation Task

In order to become an operative, one must pass the initiation task. The task is set by the Master Prime. The initiate is chosen by a Master but the initiate must undergo the task without help from their mentor using all other resources as they so desire. Passing the task provides operative status. Failing the task does necessarily forbid a retry, though depending on the outcome, certain protective methods may undertaken to prevent knowledge of the Silent Shadows being spread.
Secret, Government
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