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Katakeleo Galadonel


Katakeleo "Leo" Galadonel who, as a one party of an adventuring party, was involved in several events during the year 584PC, concluding in Etta Maxime's dispatching of her father, Arman Justor.  


Katakeleo is a slender individual, who usually dresses to obscure their form as much as possible. Such garb is typically as dark as their hair, partially for aesthetic reasons and partially to be able to blend into the shadows, when required.  


They are a chaotic force, particularly for one aligned to a secret organisation dedicated to maintaining order. Leo enjoys being mysterious, as far as going to keep people guessing what their birth gender is. They don't hide because they don't like talking about it, they do it to keep people off-guard and guessing. It is a surprisingly useful tool to disarm a target, verbally, and gain the upper hand in a conversation as a result. They are also rather flirty.  


The Orphan
Katakeleo Galadonel was born to a single mother, who died from Dockworker's Disease when Katakeleo was young. Left wandering the streets, they were taken in by Oban Dartell, "The Orphan King." Oban Dartell was a man known for looking after Brinewatch's unfortunate youth. With Leo, though, he took a particular good-hearted shine to, going as far to inducting them into The Silent Shadows once Leo was of age. At some stage, Leo entered into a pact with Essina, the goddess of wind and winter, who became their magical patron and gifted Leo magical capabilities as a result.  
The Ullford Assignment
Leo's personal quest of discovering who their father was led them to Ullford one day, where alongside Falco Thunukalathi, Soldunn Darkhold and Jraxler Rahman, they became involved in the events leading up to and culminating in the Feast of Plenty Attack on Ullford by Cyrind. The four individuals became an adventuring party afterwards.   Together, those four fought The Woodland Raiders a second time, Leo particularly irritating their leader Baryn Cane in the process. They investigated the ruins of Fior Equa and rescued the archaelogical expedition and its The Grey Scales escort from the prisons of an Undrelm castle, causing a local uprising from the town of Obskarv in the process against its tyrannical leaders. Before the Fior Equa adventure, Katakeleo and Falco underwent a trial set by Essina to become their Dion'dia - Chosen of the Gods. They passed their individual trial and with the help of the others, dealt with the remaining stages and succeeded.   From there, Leo returned to Brinewatch and with the help of a Silent Shadows ally, Amber Thunderfury sailed across the seas to a remote island where Etta Maxime's The Sisters of the Sea were based. Between the party and Etta and her crew, they forced their way through the permanent storm around the Eastern Isle of Aldenia. On the other side was a ghost town, within held the entrance to a secret prison. Perhaps via a portal to another plane, the group entered the prison and rescued a man from it. Upon escaping with this person, the adventuring party realised this man was Nico Salvadore, an individual from The Cataclysm War. Etta Maxime is a chosen for Tidur, the god of water, and with Nico's rescue, it became apparent that Nico was the other.   Returning to Brinewatch as a whole group, they confronted Arman Justor at a social gathering, where his bargain with ashadowy fiendish entity was uncovered. Justor had made a pact many years ago, and was the cause of Dockworker's Disease, which had afflicted the town for two decades and had claimed their mother. Justor, and the entity, were vanquished. For Leo, that was personal.  


In the days after Justor's death, Leo left Brinewatch mysteriously - as they are prone to do - with a note that they were fine and dealing with personal business. The truth behind their disappearance was discovered when The Grey Knights, which included fellow Silent Shadows member of the Brinewatch branch, August Truemore, crossed paths with Katakeleo at a function in Ialos.   Leo had returned to their home shortly after the Justor situation to find a man waiting for them - their father. It turned out that Coreth Anastas, former Proson ton Armon of Maressea was their father. Her mother had met him at an event during her youth, they had had a fling. He was unaware of Katakeleo's existence until he arrived in Brinewatch for the event that Justor fell during, and discovered the list of the people who died by Dockworker's Disease as a resule of Justor's pact. There he learned of Leo's mother's passing and of Leo themself.   Leo joined Coreth and visited the Anastas family home in Ialos. There, they stayed for several weeks until the chance encounter with August Truemore brought Leo back into the adventuring fold temporarily and was subsequently charged in running down a lead for an ancient Artefact that they had learned about. Leo followed that lead to Esotar, where they currently continue to work on it with the help of a liberated Great Blades agent, Davios and resurrected Cataclysm War hero Aregos Falstar.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
548 PC 37 Years old
Current Residence
Brinewatch (personal) & Ialos (family)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, olive tinted
Aligned Organization

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