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Dockworker's Disease

Transmission & Vectors

Dockworker's Disease is not transmittable from individual to individual as far as anyone can tell.


The cause of the disease is unknown. Initially, it was presumed to be something related to working at the Docks as that's where all the first cases were but over time people from other walks of life within Brinewatch have been struck down with the disease.   All those suffering with the disease at the time of Arman Justor's disappearance/death were miraculously cured. Thus, it is presumed the cause of the disease may well have been Arman Justor in some way.


Lethargy is the primary symptom of Dockworker's Disease initially. Over time the general feel of a lack of energy worsens and eventually becomes an inability to even walk, then talk, then breathe. Death comes suffocation in the end.


Dockworker's Disease is ultimately always fatal. The timeframe for the decline varies from person to person, typically down to the initial vitality of the person affected.

Affected Groups

Dockworker's Disease is indiscriminate in who it affects, barring the fact it only seems to have targeted adults.


The first cases of Dockworker's Disease appeared 32 years ago (552 PC). Though, it did not officially become a recognised phenomenon for another decade. The cases over the first decade were less than one a year. 563 PC was the first year in which two individuals 'contracted' the disease in the same year. The first recorded case of Dockworker's Disease from outside the docks came two years after that. The number of cases a year has steadily risen over the years since. Twenty cases were recorded in the current year (584 PC), including reportedly Earl Mikarl Yolassi's daughter. Thirteen of those were still suffering from the disease when it magically disappeared overnight with the end of Arman Justor and recovered.   In total, there were 197 deaths attributed to Dockworker's Disease in the 32 years it existed.

Cultural Reception

Initially, those who were struck with the disease in the very early days were shunned, in case it was transmittable. Though, with a relatively quick observation of an affected subject, it was concluded that was not the case since the individual had carried on with their job for weeks before the lethargy became too drastic to physically continue and none of their colleagues acquired the disease over that time.
Chronic, Acquired


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