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Arman Justor

Arman Justor

It's true, you don't get to the top without making a few enemies, but you also don't get to the top of the trading business if you don't know what you're doing... usually. Arman Justor certainly knows what he's doing.
— Laurel Hawthorne, Head of the Trade Guilds


Arman Justor grew up in Brinewatch. It wasn't an affluent life, but it wasn't a poor one either. His father worked on the trade ships as an employee of the Talder Trade Group. He made a modest wage, enough to support his wife and two children, at least. However, his work kept him away from his family for long periods of time. He would often remark about how much his children had grown since he last saw them upon his multitude of returns. Then one time, he did not return at all. Arman was 14 at the time, his sister only 11.   As soon as Arman was old enough, he was offered work within the same company. It was money, so he was not in a position to turn it down. Arman knew though that this life would not be his only life. He would work to make something of himself. He would not make the same mistake his father did.  


Arman was 22 and a newlywed when the Talder Trade Group imploded. The Talders were four brothers who ran the enterprise on equal footing. One day, one of the brothers was found standing over the dead body of one of the others. He was hanged within the week. The third committed suicide not long after, unable to cope. The fourth, drank himself into an early grave a few years later. Of course, the Talder Trade Group was dismantled from the initial incident. In its place, a whole host of people trying to capitalise on its downfall started their own ventures. Through sheer charisma, and a not insignificant amount of luck, Arman Justor found his company leading the pack. The challengers fell away one by one, or were absorbed into the Justor Trading Company as it grew in stature.   Within two years, The Justor Trading Company held as much sway as the Talder Group ever did, alongside the other three main traders in Brinewatch. It was fortunate timing too, for Arman found himself with the news that he would be a father around the same time. He'd managed to secure a future for his children as he promised he would just as the first was conceived.  


His son was born five years later. A son to carry on the Justor name. Not that he didn't love Etta, his firstborn, but a son was important to any man attempting to create a legacy. Five years later, once more, his wife fell pregnant a third time.   She gave birth to another daughter, Lara. However, his wife died in the process, leaving the ten year old Etta, five year old Taran and newborn Lara without a mother.  


The Daughter That Became The Sister

That first child would end up being a bigger problem than he'd ever envisaged. Etta was always argumentative and headstrong. Then one night, in 579PC (five years ago), Etta stole one of her father's ships and sailed into the night with a crew of entirely women. Etta had always wanted to sail, in direct contrast to her father's desire to never need to. However, women were considered bad luck. Turns out that consideration was truthful in its own way. The Sisters of the Sea, as they became known, began raiding trading ships with great success. Initially it seemed they were only targeting Justor ships, perhaps out of spite. The Justor business took a financial hit in those early days of the Sisters' menace.   Eventually it became clear that the Sisters weren't spiteful, but politically inclined. They wanted to change the opinion on female crew members. It worked, out of fear, more than anything else. Now women are welcome on any ship. However, the Justor name is forever tainted by his daughter's piracy. Arman has still managed to steer the company through this controversy and the Justor Trading Company is still one of the 'big four'.  

The Lovestruck Daughter

His youngest, Lara, did not seem to cope with Etta's elopement very well. She would spend days at a time in her room. One night, two years after Etta left, she left a note and went for a walk with the apparent intention of ending her life. She returned in the morning alive and well, much to her family's relief. However, there were claims made within that note about Arman that were less than pleasant reading. Rumours spread, but ultimately went away as the years passed and nothing ever became of them. Lara, however, initially wasn't seen for months but when she resurfaced, she was happier than ever.   Now, three years on, the reason recently came to the forefront. Lara was in love. She was in a love with a deckhand on one of her father's ships. A ship, incidentally captained by one of the first female Captains brought in to the company in response to his other daughter's actions. Arman may not officially be a noble, but the wealth and status afforded to him within the Brinewatch community put him almost in touch of the actual Lord, along with the other heads of the four big trading companies. As such, any daughter of his is expected to marry well. A simple deckhand is not the case. To make matters worse, her love was an Altaran. How this ultimately resolves it yet to be seen, but rumours say the Altaran was chased out of Brinewatch. Meanwhile, the rumours regarding Arman are starting to resurface, fuelled by an unknown source.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chairman of the Justor Trading Company
Year of Birth
529 PC 56 Years old
Current Residence
Etta Maxime (estranged daughter)
Taran Justor (son)
Lara Justor (daughter)
Jerome Maxime (son-in-law, estranged from Etta)
Hailey Justor (daughter-in-law, married to Taran)

Translation for Dungeon Delvers & Dragon Slayers

Altaran - Goliath


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