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The Grey Scales

As mercernary groups go, the Grey Scales' code of honour is commendable. Gods help anyone who tries to hire them under false pretence for nefarious means.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer

Structure and Current Members

The leader of the Grey Scales is known as the Scalewarden. Beyond the Scalewarden, there are two tiers within the Grey Scales: the Veterans and the Recruits. Any mission carried out by the Grey Scales, no matter the total number of individuals assigned to it, must have at least one Veteran amongst them.   Currently, the organisation is as follows:  


Scalewarden Corrine Resor is female human, in her middle years, who has directed the Grey Scales to their highest point of prosperity in their history. They are regarded as the clear number one mercenary outfit under her stewardship.  


  • Beram Donnell - Cleric of Odum, the god of justice and order, he follows the symbolism of scales in more ways than one. Recently captured alongside Bryss Oakhide (as she was then) and Robin Baranger by Undwarves, and rescued by Soldunn Darkhold and the adventuring group he became a part on Bryss's absence.
  • Awar Qo - Hailing from Hantau in the east, Awar Qo found his way to Aldenia in his early adult years. An individual difficult to fluster, his calmness in the face of danger and expert navigational skills make him one of the most valued members of the Scales. He has an unmatched ability for understanding the stars and celestial bodies above.
  • Soldunn & Bryss Darkhold (née Oakhide) - Now married Dwarves, semi-retired and living in Ullford, in the house gifted to them following the heroics of an adventuring group that Soldunn joined following the disappearane of Bryss. Whilst technically out of the organisation, they retain their rank and know they may be called upon in the future if absolutely necessary.
  • Robin Beranger - Promoted to Veteran following the rescue of the Grey Scales captured in the expedition to The Temple of Fior Equa. He was one of three surviving Grey Scales, Bryss and Beram being the other two, and the only surviving Recruit.


  • Meilil Jassam - a young female half-elf whose hot-headedness diverges heavily from the tendencies of her Wood Elven heritage.

Public Agenda

The name, Grey Scales, was chosen both as a reference to the dragons, of which there were both benevolent and malovent during the War, and the scales of justice. Grey showing their placement as a neutral entity. They were set up with discretion in mind, however, any request that was plainly going to cause harm to others was, and still is, automatically denied.   As such, The Grey Scales have, unwittingly, been utilised by individuals with nefarious motives who held their cards close to their chest but very rarely have they been fooled twice in such cases. The 'Grey' is a symbol that one does not need to spend much effort in persuading the group as to their honourable intentions. The irony is, for an organisation that has so definitely adhered to a neutral aesthetic in naming conventions, they have done more net good in the world than most deliberately charitable organisations.


The Grey Scales were founded in the aftermath of the Cataclysm War. With much work of importance needing to be carried out, there was also a greater need of assistance in these matters, be it escorting notable individuals around, or items. With many rebuilding efforts required, and treaties and truces to hash out, there were no shortage of dignitaries to ferry around during those times. The Grey Scales became one of the most established mercenary groups in a short period of time, and have remained one of the premier options of outsourced help to this day.
Military, Mercenary Group

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