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The Temple of Fior Equa

Location & Architecture

The Temple of Fior Equa was built into the base of a bluff of a short-ish plateau within the forests south-west of River's Fork. Only the entrance, flanked by two statues of the temple's patron, Odum, exist on the outside of the plateau.  


Pre-Cataclysm Wars

Despite existing in the now human side of Aldenia, the temple supposedly pre-dates the creation of humans. Though, the truth is unknown, what is known for certain is that it has existed since the great records purge prior to the Age of Discovery.  

Cataclysm Wars

The Temple was one of the casualties of Mohzall's rampage, late in the Wars. In transit to what would end with the destruction of the Soloon Republic, Mohzall caused less severe earthquake along his path. One such earthquake resulted in the collapse of the entrance, amongst other rooms. However, with the entrance closed off, the priests within had no way out and by the time the entrance was cleared, the vast majority had died of starvation.  

Post-Cataclysm Wars

Since the few remaining survivors were rescued, the Temple was left abandoned due to its now unstable structure. However, in recent months, funded by Lord Tybin Rossett, an expedition has ventured into the Temple to assess how much work would be required to restore it to its former glory.   However, the initial expedition encountered an unforeseen problem when they - including Lord Rossett - were captured. They were ultimately saved by a group of adventurers sent in after them, though not all made it out.   Undeterred, Lord Rossett has funded a secondary scouting party to make sure the Temple would be safe to continue work in the future. The Temple itself was declared safe - bar the structural issues - but they did have to deal with the surprise of a Corpse Rook roosting on the plateau surface above.
Temple / Religious complex
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