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Ullford is one of the largest human settlements, largely due to being a major tradepost since it connects three major roads. One that leads from human capital of Dawnstone to the northeast, the road that heads towards the dwarven lands and also their capital - Khul Boldir - to the northwest (via the Chasm Bridge) and the southern road leading to the coastal city of Oakharbor.   Ullford is surprisingly neatly laid out for settlement of rapid growth. Ullford was hit hard during the Cataclysm War, which meant that once it was over, using whatever major structures that were still standing, they rebuilt in such a way that allowed for straight roads and paths unlike other settlements in Aldenia.   Ullford has thick woods to both the north and south sides of the town and rolling hills to the east. The town itself has spread either side of a large river - the river Ull - but skewed mostly on the northern side of the river. However, most of the development in recent years has explored that southern side.


  • 80% Human
  • 15% Dwarf
  • 5% Other


Ullford Council are in charge of running the affairs of the town.


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