Session 9: An Offer of Silence

General Summary

Hink, the gnome, vouched for the group, as did Rafferty. The dwarven leader admitted it was unusual to initiate four new members at once but events unfolding in the world made her reconsider the traditions. There was a need for more members. Citing Leo as the groups 'Overseer', an individual who is already a member of the Silent Shadows who would watch the prospect, or prospects, in this case, to see how they tackle the challenge. There was definitely an emphasis that the how was just as important as the success in the endeavour.   After a brief quiet discussion with the operatives around the table, the dwarven lady presents the group with a task - to find out what the situation is around Westfield and resolve it. That is the limit to the information provided. Whilst answers were not forthcoming, the group understood that should they succeed in this task then they would receive the full benefits of being a member of the Silent Shadows, but until then, no further information. They were also provided with a time limit of ten days, starting with the following morning. The party accepted the challenge and the leader wished them well. The male human, the one with the red side-swept hair, stepped down and led the group to one side. Leo and this individual embraced, briefly, and Leo inadvertently shared his name as Lossal before he had a chance to stop them. It appeared that the two were firm friends and have a shared history.   Hink took the group back upstairs and left to continue his own mission - being a mole in the Woodland Raiders. With very little daylight left, the group turned in for the night and with the morning, they went about their errands to be journey ready. Falco acquired incense from the herbalist's (who was startled by the looming Goliath upon entry). Falco also acquired a morningstar in place of his current weapon and traded his collection of looted swords and assorted weaponry and along with utilising the blacksmith's pre-existing friendship with Soldunn, requested a Trident be made. Relishing the opportunity, Magrus Ironfoot informed Falco that this request would not cost money, just time.   Gathering the others from The Hunter's Purse, the group visited the council to see if they could acquire a means of transport as a favour. They came across Bilda Tonte, who on behalf the Council granted the party their request. Bilda thanked them for their aid in defending the town and that the Council was still attempting to work out a proper reward to the group, they were still dealing with making sure the town was fine first.   The group took the two horsed-cart and set off in the direction of Westfield to the north-east. Falco used the opportunity to try out his new familiar, a seagull... called Gully. Gully managed to spy something glimmer within a dead wood log off the side of the road a couple of hours into the journey. Looking closer, it was discovered to be a pouch containing 100 gold. The first day's travel passed without incident.   About an hour's journey on the second day, Gully spotted a small figure waving on the side of the road. As the cart approached, it became clearer that the figure was a gnome, with pointed white hair. Despite the white hair, it was immediately apparent that this gnome was young in age. He explained that his horse ran off in the night and asked if he could hitch a ride. The group agree and the gnome climbed aboard to journey with them to Westfield.

Report Date
20 Nov 2018
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