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The Northern Farmsteads

The usage of Northern is purely in relation to the nearest main settlement. The Northern Farmstead actually lie only marginally above the centre of the continent of Aldenia. They reside a few hours north of the large village/small town of Westfield in central Aldenia, which is strictly a part of.   The Northern Farmsteads are a collection of seven farms arranged like a farming cul-de-sac at the roads termination point. There are three farms on each side of the road and one that sits at the very end. The farms a primarily livestock based, but do work on crops during the relevant seasons. Between the seven families, pretty much every form of livestock is accounted for.   The families that live there are The Bedingfelds, The Engehams, The Roberts', The Morets, The Inwoods, The Attleburghs and the Demokes.  

Livestock Thefts

In late Odumia and early Nitunia of the current year, 584PC, the Northern Farmsteads suffered a spate of livestock thefts every few nights over the space of three calendar weeks. A different farm was hit each time, and whatever was undertaking these overnight thefts left no serviceable evidence behind.


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