Baldre Tonte

Baldre Tonte


Baldre is in his fifties. He has short grey hair. He is tall and lithe. Baldre wears fine leathers in colours that complement the forest surroundings. He also wears three silver rings, which were heirlooms from his father.  


Lady Ereson is the only true nobility in Ullford, but the Tonte family are closest in terms of social position. Baldre and Bilda Tonte's father was an excellent tradesman and amassed a sizeable wealth, which he passed on to his children. Baldre and Bilda continued their father's legacy before turning their skills to help on the town council.  


Baldre is an accomplished hunter and is skilled with a bow and arrow and his love for archery is well known. He always manages the archery game during the Day of Plenty festivals.   As a Council Member, Baldre is in charge of the town's economical aspects. He liaises with the various trade guilds of the continent.  


Baldre is very close with his twin sister Bilda. He also considers the other council members as friends, along with his fellow hunting enthusiasts.   He fought alongside the adventuring group of Falco, Zeth'rim, Jraxler, Leo and Soldunn during the Day of Plenty Attack. This group had previously managed to retrieve a stolen cache of dancing fire from bandit at the behest of Baldre and then Chief Lawkeeper Rafferty Kloss. Whilst this is a new set of acquaintances, Baldre feels indebted to the group, as do the rest of the council.   Rafferty also fought in the Day of Plenty Attack and as such, Baldre has a large degree of respect for his new fellow council member. (Rafferty replaced Ferther Evans, who unfortunately lost his life during that attack).   Baldre is not in a romantic relationship and does not have any children. He does, however, own a hunting dog, named Willow.  


Baldre seemed to have an antagonistic relationship with Soldunn Darkhold, but this disdain has been neutered by Soldunn's defence of Ullford during the Day of Plenty attack.


Baldre Tonte

Brother (Vital)

Towards Bilda Tonte



Bilda Tonte

Sister (Vital)

Towards Baldre Tonte



Current Location
Year of Birth
550 (34 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Ullford Council


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