Rafferty Kloss

Council Member Rafferty Kloss


Rafferty is a middle-aged man. He is in excellent physical condition, not overly muscular but you can tell there is a solidity to his form under his relatively simply clothing. Currently, as a member of the Ullford Council, he does not wear a uniform. As such, he wears a plain grey shirt with a dark brown leather waistcoat over the top. Similarly coloured trousers adorn his legs. The one thing unchanged from his Lawkeeper days are his workman's boots, strong sturdy tan boots that do not necessarily quite match the rest of his outfit nor are smart enough for the council chambers but they are his and he will swear by them. The only addition to this ensemble is a small brass pin, in the shape of a bridge. This is the identification pin for an Ullford Council member, though all the residents know the Council by their faces anyway, so it is simply a ritual at this point.  


Rafferty has followed his mentor, Ferther Evans through life. Rafferty became Deputy Chief Lawkeeper when Ferther was promoted to Chief Lawkeeper, and then became Chief Lawkeeper when Ferther took a seat on the Council. Now, following Ferther's recent death during the Day of Plenty Attack, Rafferty has taken his place on the Council. Rafferty has also taken Ferther's position in the Silent Shadows, a secret organisation that has a chapter beneath Ullford.  


He is a capable swordsman, as shown during the Day of Plenty Attack, when he helped defend the festival from animated scarecrows alongside Falco Thunukalathi, Zeth'rim, Jraxler Rahman, Soldunn Darkhold, Katakeleo Galadonel, Halatir Oberon, Daehorn, Baldre Tonte and Sylkas Greythorn. This group, together, managed to dispatch all the scarecrows that advanced upon the field itself and saved the vast majority of the festivalgoers in the process.   As a Lawkeeper, Rafferty is known to be firm but fair. Everyone gets a fair trial, everyone's story gets heard before judgement gets made.  


Rafferty's closest friend was his mentor, Ferther. He is also on good terms with his now fellow Council member, Baldre Tonte. Rafferty himself acts in a mentor capacity to his own Deputy, Dwain Becker who now, by Rafferty's promotion, is the Chief Lawkeeper.   Rafferty has also recently begun to form a trusting bond with a group of adventurers, who have helped deal with various problems around Ullford during a time when Rafferty's Lawkeepers were stretched thin. Fighting alongside Falco, Zeth'rim, Jraxler, Leo and Soldunn during the Day of Plenty Attack only helped solidify that bond and he would trust them with any challenge going forward. Their arrival at the Silent Shadows and subsequent reveal that Leo is also already a member provided further insight. Should they all pass the initiation test and become members, this would add a new facet to their working relationship.   Rafferty is not in a romantic relationship and does not have any children.  


Rafferty does not have enemies, per se. Those jailed by him may hold a grudge, but that is more to the station rather than the individual.

Current Location
Year of Birth
535 (49 years old)
Biological Sex
Short, dark brown, greying at the temples.
Aligned Organization
Ullford Council
Other Affiliations


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