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Irallien is the Elven capital city, located in the south-west of Aldenia. It is the home of the High Elves and Elven throne. The current Elven King is Ionis Tardiriel. Irallien is an incredibly insular society, most of its population have never ventured beyond its walls, and those that have rarely beyond the Irallien-controlled interests in the surrounding area.


Irallien is ruled over by its king and the High Council. Unlike most governing councils, the High Council does not have dedicated state roles such as Minister for Trade. The High Council is formed of the heads of the most prestigious High Elven families.


  • 99% Elf
  • 1% Assorted Other (Mostly envoys and representatives)


First and foremost, the High Elves worship Virion Yessalor, the Elven God, a mortal said to have ascended to godhood. Whilst the High Elves do not live in the forest itself, they do still hold a strong regard toward Cephione, goddess of nature.


Elven architecture is second-to-none in terms of its intricacy. Most of the defining structures in Irallien, such as the palace, were created by the Dalagar family. All the buildings are made from a white stone (believed to be impure Whitestone, though the Elves will never confirm that, or where they got it). Visually, there is a tendency towards large spires and long flowing shapes.

Geography & Climate

Aldenia has a temperate climate and the corner of the world Irallien is secluded in is no exception to that. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it's near-coastal location does tend to bring in a welcoming breeze in the summer months.


Irallien is home to many arboretums and greenhouses, that generate the majority of the produce required to sustain its population. The long Elven lifespan helps prevent out-of-control population growth, so the facilities within the city are more than enough and there is little danger of being overwhelmed by demand in the near future. Whilst the architecture isn't directly formed into the trees, like in the Wood Elves' Foracor, the High Elves have still built around the existing nature there, respecting it.



No one knows the precise story behind Irallien's founding, since it occurred before the Purge of Knowledge prior to the Age of Discovery.


Irallien has always been the home to the High Elves and its position, near the end of a peninsula, means that any advancing army can only approach from the North, making it easily defensible. As such, no one has been foolish to try. However, before the Cataclysm, the High Elves were even more insular as a society. They almost never ventured out to help in any conflict or disasters.

During the Cataclysm War

The war barely came to Irallien itself. The forest beyond was affected by Vaedrin's Blight. (A portion is still corrupted and magically sealed off). Vaedrin's Blight did threaten the Elves enough to spur them into joining the fight, however. Irallien's elite archers were crucial in the The Siege of Arkran, the final battle of The Cataclysm War.


Irallien's magical defences held during the war, so there was no rebuild effort required A new wing to the Palace was commissioned, however, and created by Valtir Dalagar.
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