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Trentenhill is perhaps the greatest example that something can always be rebuilt.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


Trentenhill is a town in eastern Aldenia, defined by the brutal actions of the Mohzall the Shatterer.


Trentenhill is governed by a small local council, like most of the human towns of eastern Aldenia.


Trentenhill's new proximity to the ocean spurned an increase in followers of Tidur, the god of water. Otherwise, the main gods worshipped in Trentenhill are the ones shared by most of Aldenia: Alios, Athar, Cephione and Armon.


Old Trentenhill and new Trentenhill are largely similar in their asthetic. The only main difference is that the boundaries of new Trentenhill are slightly

Geography & Climate

As suggested by the name, Trentenhill is built within the hills of eastern Aldenia. Due to Mohzall's wrath, Trentenhill now has a sharp cliff border on its eastern side. The water beneath has chopped and churned every second of every day since the portion of eastern Aldenia was ripped away.


The farmland on the western side of Trentenhill remained largely untouched and continues to be farmed by the locals. Like most of Aldenia, the main produces are corn, potatoes and popular vegetables.


  • 93% Human
  • 4% Dwarf
  • 3% Other



It was founded as a stopover town between Dawnstone and the east coast.


Trentenhill experienced a largely event-free time until the breakout of the Cataclysm War.

During the Cataclysm War

Whilst most towns and cities aside from the capitals (due to their protection) experienced issues during the course of the war, be it conflict, trade disruption or being attacked by some kind of monstrosity, Trentenhill's time in the war was quiet. That was until Mohzall was released from his plane onto the world. The Earthquake tore the eastern portion of the continent away from the mainland. Trentenhill was situated exactly where the division occurred and half of the town fell into the sea and the other half was mostly destroyed by the shockwaves.


After The Siege of Arkran, there was a brief moment as the world breathed a collective sigh of relief before repair efforts began. Trentenhill was one of the first places to receive the focus of the nation. Whatever materials that could be salvaged from the wreckage were reused to rebuild the remaining structures, with a safe border away from the cliff-edge since no-one was sure if more of the land would slide into the waters below. Over time, as the town repopulation, it grew on its western side.   Trade-wise, the town suffered greatly due to the splitting of the eastern portion as now there is no trade from the east. However, a side effect of Mohzall's wrath is that Brinewatch received all the trade that used to go to other towns on the east coast. Although most of the traders between Dawnstone and Brinewatch choose to go via Crossroads because Crossroads is a major market town, some prefer the route via Trentenhill as it is actually faster due to being mostly in a straight line.
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