Session 8: Retail Therapy

General Summary

The adventuring party's response in the morning after the fight? Go shopping. Falco returned to the inn in time to pass the short bow he won at the festival prior to the attack to Jraxler. Jraxler and the others visited Halatir to get the object identified - he did donate it after all. Halatir explained that the bow is a Reliable Shortbow of Thunder. It is a bow that does not necessarily miss even with the worst attempts possible and can also cause damage of a thunderous variety if so chosen to do so by the wielder. Jraxler inquired into the possibility of purchasing a spyglass but Halatir did not stock that kind of thing and suggested that perhaps visiting the antique store would yield a better chance.   The group made their way to that store, where they were met by a slightly crotchety and dishevelled looking human male in his middle years. He introduced himself as Uriah Leach, the store owner. Jraxler found a somewhat worn spyglass with a partially clouded lens. Even so, it cost him a decent amount to purchase. Leo scanned the shop for magical items and their eyes were drawn to a necklace, which they managed to purchase for 75 gold. Halatir's identification services were utilised immediately afterwards and he informed Leo that the necklace was a Periapt of Wound Closing, helping when one goes down in a fight.   Once the shopping was dealt with, the group decided to check in on some of the towns important people, to see how the recovery from the attack was going. They visited the Lawkeeper's Office to speak with Rafferty, only to find that Dwain, his deputy had been promoted and that Rafferty had gone to some meeting at the Council, probably his induction. Visiting the council, they did not find Rafferty there either. They were met with the other council members, who offered their gratitude and stated that they would find some way to properly thank the group once they had dealt with the aftermath of the attack. They did reveal that Rafferty had mentioned he had another meeting to go to, but did not know who with or where.   The group returned to The Hunter's Purse as Falco awoke from his belated rest, together they approached the bar. Leo seemed to make some kind of hint towards Katrina Stormborn. However, in their various tired states, none of them noticed a familiar small figure sat at the other end of the bar. The gnome approached the group and then they could see this was a gnome they had met just two days earlier. He was the gnome in the bandit camp, where they had retrieved the dancing fire. The gnome stated a phrase "sometimes the quietest actions have the greatest effects" to Katrina, who seemed to accept that phrase as important and provided the gnome with a key. The gnome introduced himself as Hink and led the group upstairs and to a door at the far end. He unlocked the door, ushered the group into the passageway beyond and locked the door behind them. He took the group down this hidden route, which eventually led to a grand door.   On the other side laid a large chamber, littered with various bookshelves, desks and workbenches. At the centre of the room was a circular stone table, which chairs arranged around the outside. A human male with red hair shaved on one side and swept to the other, around 40, sat in one. He seemed to recognise Leo A human female, around 30 with blonde hair and a generally unassuming appearance sat in another. A third seat was occupied by a familiar face to all - Rafferty Kloss. A female dwarf, with braided sandy blonde hair, sat in what appeared to be the leader's chair.   The dwarf welcomed the group to the Silent Shadows - a group spoken about in the above world only in conspiracy theories.

Report Date
06 Nov 2018
Primary Location


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