Session 7: Fright Night

General Summary

The festivalgoers quickly fled the attack on the festival. However, some villagers were caught by the Scarecrows paralysing gaze. Mounting the defence were the band of adventurers; Falco, Zeth'rim, Soldunn, Jraxler and recent addition Leo, alongside Chief Lawkeeper Rafferty Kloss, council member Baldre Tonte, the bard Sylkas Greythorn, the woodcarver Daehorn and magic shop owner Halatir Oberon. Another Ullford Council member Ferther Evans ushered the female council members of Bilda Tonte and Lady Ahlbun Ereson away from the fight.   The fight was long as the scarecrows numbers were also plentiful. Halatir was forced to use increasingly more powerful magic, slowly revealing his true capabilities as much more than a humble shop owner. Daehorn was largely baffled by the goings on but set about healing the wounded where he could. Sylkas Greythorn managed to use his bardic trickery to deal with some of the scarecrows and Rafferty was somewhat efficient at hacking at them. As for the adventurers, Soldunn was the subject of both Haste and Enlarge spells, gathered from their encounter with Lavarius Longstaff. A 10ft dwarf is capable of eliminating a scarecrow in one hit, as he found out during the fight. Leo had a moment of inspiration, using their prestidigitation spell to create sparks to ignite the beings made of dry straw.   Slowly the fight turned in the favour of the defenders as the scarecrows fell one by one. Two were taken out by one ferocious cold spell of Halatir's and that proved to be the momentum changer. As the last scarecrow was defeated, from a distant hill off the east, on their cue of sunset the Dancing Fire (fireworks) were unleashed. A rather accidental marker for signifying the defenders' victory illuminated a further problem - Ullford was on fire, or at least a few building were.   Rushing to the square, it was discovered it was the buildings adjacent to Halatir's Haven that were ignited. A desperate call on Essina from her worshipper Falco seemed to stimulate the weather into raining to put out the flames. Podrin Walker emerged from his hiding place at the adventurers and Halatir's arrival. Podrin explained what he had seen. The Man in the Red Robes, along with a blonde lady dressed in black had attempted to gain access to Halatir's Haven, but Halatir's magical defences had proven too strong.   Halatir, in the private space of his shop, explained to the adventuring party what The Man in the Red Robes was likely after - the necklace that Soldunn had recovered for Halatir just days earlier. He had believed it to be the lost necklace of Astrona Emberwild, though to hold some key to the myth that Astrona had found a way to preserve herself and her fellow council members' spirits beyond death. Ultimately, this was not that necklace, it was not even magical. However, somehow The Man in the Red Robes had somehow caught wind of its existence.   The group then left Halatir to help with the wounded of the town. Doing their best, they were a help in getting the wounded to various sanctuaries set up around town. Falco stayed up throughout the night at Ullford Temple to aid there. The others moved on further and found the wounded form of Ferther Evans lying on the side of the street with Rafferty Kloss crouched beside him, along with Bilda Tonte. Seemingly, Ferther had been mortally wounded in defending the other councils members on their way back to the council chambers. Ferther died, telling Rafferty that he was to take his place on the council.   The council members told that the adventurers had done all they could and they looked exhausted. They thanked the adventurers for their help and suggested they should try and get some rest. Everyone there at that point returned to The Hunter's Purse, which was temporarily housing some of the wounded, and returned to their rooms to try and sleep. Sleep did not come easily for Leo and Jraxler, who had not participated in a situation like this before.

Report Date
30 Oct 2018
Primary Location


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