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The Woodland Raiders


The Woodland Raiders are a small band of bandits that, appropriately, roam the woodlands around River's Fork and Ullford. They were involved in the distraction schemes set up by Cyrind, in his attempts to steal what he thought was an important artefact from Halatir Oberon.  


The bandits have been a small time outfit for a couple of years prior to their involvement in the Feast of Plenty Attack on Ullford. They became enough of a nuisance that The Silent Shadows sent an operative, a Gnome called Hink, to infiltrate the group. Whilst undercover, The Woodland Raiders stole Ullford's dancing lights supply, intended for the Feast of Plenty festivities. However, they were discovered by a group of adventurers, who succeeded in thwarting the Raiders and recovered the supply.   A short while later, The Woodland Raiders came upon the same group of adventurers as they shared an evening with the Wildfolk in the woods near Undall, and were beaten once again. Whilst the leaders survived, Hink had to out himself to help turn the tide of that fight. The leaders, Baryn and Marelle, have not been seen since.  

The Cyrind Connection

Cyrind, the 'Man in the Red Robes', who attacked Ullford during the Feast of Plenty was the individual who hired The Woodland Raiders to steal the dancing lights. Later, in second fight with the adventuring party who stopped them the first time, Baryn displayed magical abilities he did not possess in that first conflict. It is assumed by those that witnessed this that Cyrind provided a greater connection to Baryn in the aftermath of Ullford, or already had and Baryn had not yet developed by that time.
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