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The building of ships early in the Age of Discovery allowed the first Aldenians to spread onto other continents. Once other civilisations were developed across the continents of Axora, thus began the necessity of trading by ship between them. With the ability to trade came the ability to steal from the trade vessels and piracy was born. Strictly speaking the difference between banditry and piracy is a matter of semantics and surface upon which they operate.  


The structure of pirate organisations is typically very similar to the hierarchy upon a regular ship. A pirate ship will have the same roles as any other ship, only sometimes there will be groups of separate pirate ships operating together towards a unified goal. That unified goal may be their own pirate society and town, which will have its own power structure. Often it will be a council-like organisation made up of the captains of the ships, some will have a so-called Pirate King.  

Notable Pirates & Pirate Organisations


Literally meaning 'without order', Axodum was and is a settlement set up as a pirate haven. Located to the east of Balhos, the largest island of Drassau, it technically is situated in the waters of Thrabad, though none of the nations there claim ownership of it. Over the years, Axodum has fluctuated between militaristic and aggressive ideals and more peaceful sanctuary vibes but there core tenet of freedom from any government persists throughout all regimes. Ironically for the last hundred years or so, Axodum has operated with a council of Captains and a set of rules that all pirate crews must obey by and as a result the acts of piracy committed by the men of Axodum are currently regarded as nothing more than a nuisance and Axodum has experienced the longest period without retaliation from any civilisation in its history.  

Nico Salvadore

Nico Salvadore operated during the Cataclysm War. Nico and his crew operated solo. Nico was simulatenous referred to as the Terror of the Sea and The Gentlemen Pirate, referred to in tales as one of the most vicious and dangerous individuals but also incredible suave and polite in others.  

The Sisters of the Sea

The newest major organisation classed as pirate. Initially founded by Etta Maxime and a singular crew of women on one ships, rebelling against the fact women were not allowed to become sailtors, The Sisters of the Sea are now one of the largest pirate outfits in history.
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