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On calm seas, with an experienced captain at the helm, there are not many better experiences to be had. On rough seas, with an inexperienced captain at the helm, there are not many worse experiences to be had.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer

Ship Classes

There are three very rough divisions of ships.  


Ships crafted for exploratory reasons tend to be designed for pure speed, often sacrificing hull space and defences in this pursuit. Exploration is somewhat of an archaic definition for this division as very little exploration is required any more. Some people refer to this division and Adventuring ships or Passenger ships as this is what this division caters to most of all.  


Trade ships are notable for their large hulls and minimal personnel space. They are also the most varied amongst their own division as contractors have different desires for kind of travel. Some traders prioritise speed, some prioritise safety. Some have a need to trade in large volumes.  


Warships tend to be on the larger side, built for more personnel and with heavy defences. They are often outfitted with rows of ballistae and reinforced hulls.  

Sailor Ranks

The one common aspect of all ships are the ones in charge of sailing them.  
  • Captain - In charge of all things
  • First Mate - Second in command, will assume command in absence of the Captain
  • Quartermaster - Can often also be the First Mate, but if both exist, Quartermaster is third in command. The Quartermaster is also in charge of supplies.
  • Boatswain - In charge of supervising all activities on the ship
  • Chief Navigator - In charge of all things navigating
  • Cook - Cooks
  • Surgeon - The medic, the title is still used if the medical officer is an actual magically adept cleric


Ships have been around for as long as records have been around. The Age of Discovery is so-called as it is when the people of Aldenia set off and explored the rest of Axora, eventually settling in all the corners of the world.
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