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Johan Law

We should free our beloved Emperor from the influence of that old man manipulating him!
— Baron Nichol of Fieord
Johan Law is one of the most mystical and controversial figures in the recent human history. Personal advisor to Emperor Jaymond the Wise, Johan is most famous for his work on the civil laws of the Human Empire. However, the influence of Johan has reached far beyond that, and many historians blame him for some of the more controversial decisions made by the Emperor, especially in his late years.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gray-bearded and old, Johan first appeared at Emperor Jaymond's service in Birth, 834 AE. In a matter of a few months, he has gained the Emperor's trust and started working on legislation. The following implementation of numerous new laws granted many privileges to the common people and caused the nobles to grumble. After an alleged assassination attempt by the malcontent nobles, Johan was granted a surname, Law, and sent away from the court.   This public act of distancing himself has allowed Emperor Jaymond to somewhat ease the tension. However, four years later Johan Law has returned to the court and was immediately appointed personal advisor to the Emperor. As it turned out, that whole time Johan was overseeing the situation on-site as well as developing the new measures to advance the economic and social situation in the Empire. Now, he has returned to continue the work.   After Johan's return, a series of repressions has swept the country. Many nobles suddenly died from natural causes, went missing or were sentenced for opposing the Emperor's reforms and preparing a rebellion. Those accusations, which many viewed as being based on the Johan Law's report, only further increased the nobles' hostility towards him. For two more decades, Johan continued serving Emperor Jaymond despite multiple assassination attempts, and he is believed to have greatly influenced the Emperor's decision about sending his armies across the Krisna.
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Aligned Organization

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