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Maximilian Umbridge, inventor betrayed by his king

For too long, Max was forbidden from his father's work. Magic flowed in his very veins, waiting to be used. His books, whose armies lined the walls of nearly every room, read several times apiece. Some could even be recited by memory; his favorites were "Drol: Enchanting", a guide with intricately-drawn runes, articulate recipes, and a thrilling afterword; and "Shail and the Magic Spoon", a lighthearted adventure of a little boy whose spoon created medicine.   Today, he amazed his father; on his first day in the shop, at the age of 16, he made that very spoon. His creation was fantastic; Max was thrilled.   Its effects wore off quickly, and with it, his father's admiration. Maximilian was soon put to hard work, his creations retaining enchantments for puzzlingly temporary times.   Nothing in his books mentioned this; he should be fully capable, and he followed every instruction perfectly. I'll write what he got through here eventually, but I do have a point.   Max created a variety of powerfully-enchanted gear under order of the King. These included the Hound Arrows, whose design aids bounty hunters by tracking the target and, upon a successful impalement, relay their location as long as the arrow is buried in them to a maximum of one day.   When his family was caught celebrating the Day of Two Dragons, a severely punishable offence, behind even Max's back, King Abaddon decided to make them an example. You see, the Day of Two Dragons comes from a humiliation the King suffered; a tyrant by every meaning of the word, he sent the Force of the Crown to execute them.   Hunted by his own creations, Max fled, too late to save his own family. In a rushed pursuit, he managed to grab a Mask of Warding he had made; it projects a sphere of antimagic around itself. Never the artistic one, it was incomplete. Plain and wooden, though, it would suffice.   His arrows hit home, but their magic was cancelled before ripping his shoulder open. He deftly escaped on a ship, making his way across the June Gulf to Utica. There, however, he saw posters with images of his likeness; the Abaddon cruelty had spread, offering a boggling amount for his head...

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Drow, scrawny. Wears a minimalistic wood mask with just two circular eyeholes and a baggy, ragged cloak.

Body Features

Scar on both front and back of right shoulder. Long purple/black hair, drawn into a ponytail.

Physical quirks

Takes shortest route between places in darting, quick movements. Thinks it makes him stealthy. Looks like a kid playing Spy.

Apparel & Accessories

Elaborate greaves that are adorned with gold trim, emerald shining metal, and beautiful arcs, curves, and spikes that clash heavily with a tattered, patched, dirty cloak and a wood mask, smoothed not by sandpaper but by heavy wear-and-tear.

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