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Tiber Sectum

"Beg, cower, worship, marvel. These are all appropriate responses, but I'm no god. I'm just a humble scholar." - Tiber Sectum, speaking to a prestigious squad of Dragonknights

The Great Dragon Scholar Tiber Sectum

Tiber Sectum is arguably one of the most popular and familiar Dragonlords in all of Targonia, for his many works of publication he has created over the past few millennia. Tiber Sectum is the leader of the metallic Dragonlords and is the close friend of Bahamut, and he entrusted Tiber with the Dragonwars when the Material Plane was created. Ever since then, Tiber has spent countless years reading books he could find and explore the Material Plane for his own observations and experiences, and despite the Dragonwars preventing him from exploring further, he has learned multiple spells throughout the ages. He is also the leader of the golden Dragonknights and has his lair somewhere hidden in the forests of Maladakova. Not many individuals actually get to speak and see Tiber Sectum, and those that do remember the visit but not the location of his lair, for he fears a preemptive assault by one of the chromatic Dragonlords could tip the scales in the Dragonwars. He is intelligent, clever, and observant; he is famous for his extensive book collection and writes his own for the mortal races of Targonia to read. Oddly enough, these are mostly opinion pieces about his experiences in the Material Plane, but he has undoubtedly inspired millions of scholars to explore the world and learn everything they could in their fleeting years.

Physical Description

Body Features

As a golden dragon, he bares brilliant, shiny scales of golden color all throughout his body. His claws and wings sparkle when exposed to light, and his scales are self-cleaning, meaning that he is always shiny, like a well-kept statue of gold.

Facial Features

His face is elongated and grows shorter at the stout. He has tendrils that and spikes that grow out the backside of his skull and down his neck, and even has two tendrils form a primitive matter of whiskers. He heavily resembles the look of conventional Chinese dragons.

Physical quirks

He holds a giant tomb within his claws whenever someone speaks with them, though he does not read the book or acknowledge its presence at all during the conversation.

Special abilities

As a golden dragon even older then the powerful ancient dragons, his breath attack is scorching rays of fire that are rumored to burn the very fabric of existence that theoretically creates all things. He is also a powerful spell caster and can cast spells even more powerful than what mere mortals could ever possibly achieve. It is believed that Tiber Sectum is one process away of ascension into godhood like Bahamut or Tiamat, but chooses not to as to continue his research. He also has the uncanny ability to detect whether a creature is lying to him or telling the truth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tiber Sectum is an ancient gold dragon that once lived alongside Bahamut on Mount Celestia as one of his most trusted allies, friends, and advisors. When Bahamut and the rest of the gods created the Material Plane, Bahamut appointed Tiber as the leader of the metallic Dragons, and thus has lived in the Material Plane ever since it's creation. He resides in what would eventually be Maladakova for multiple millennia and has grown past his ancient status and become the golden Dragonlord most other races know him as today. He is memorable for his innate curiosity and is deemed "the first scholar the Material Plane has created", and its rumored his hoard is not only just gold but also books and articles about everything that there is to learn on the Material Plane.


Tiber Sectum, even before his expedition to the Material Plane, was one of Bahamut's advisors and trusted researchers, his innate curiosity and excellent problem-solving skills made him an excellent tactician and scholar, which continues to prevent Tiamat's spread of influence, thanks to Tiber's plans. When he moved to the Material Plane, he explored it and learned everything he could back when he was still exploring the place, and while the Dragonwars now prevent such excursions, he is also a powerful spell caster that enables him ways to learn for information. It is believed that Tiber Sectum's hoard holds whatever knowledge a mortal might need.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Tiber Sectum is the definitive leader or the metallic Dragonknights in the war against their chromatic counterparts in the Dragonwars. He is easily the best leader and the smartest from all the other Dragonlords, though he still cooperates with his other friendly allies.

Intellectual Characteristics

With a being so keen on knowledge, it is commonly believed that he is the most observant being in all of Targonia. He is a quick learner and a natural adept in keeping information. Even though some select Dragonknights do not remember their visit with Tiber Sectum (possibly as a measure to keep his location secure), they recall that Tiber never needed to refresh his memory on a subject. He has a photographic memory and his awareness of the cosmos as even allowed him to recall smells, sounds and feelings like as if it is actively happening.

Morality & Philosophy

Tiber Sectum is the ideal ally and gold Dragon that most mortals would identify with the average: he believes in the rule of law and its use for the betterment of everyone. Surprisingly, he's found ways to gain information that would not compromise his morality, like making deals with devils, killing for information, or even bribery. He's a firm believer that once he's found all the knowledge that one could find, he could concoct a plan that would end the Dragonwars and have Bahamut, his loyal deity, to become the victor against Tiamat.

Personality Characteristics


He dreams of a day where he could continue his research without the pressures and monotony of the Dragonwars bogging down his research. He also wishes that the races of the Material Plane will eventually find peace with each other and that each individual contributes to the well being of another.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He holds an impressive book collection, so much so that his hoard is actually more akin to a lengthy library than an actual cave of treasure. He perfectly recalls every single book and literature he's ever read, and could recite a book word-for-word. He is, however, not the smoothest talker, especially with mortal races. While Dragonknights prove to be easier to talk to, some adventurer's claim that he stumbles his words when speaking with non-Dragonborn individuals. The exact reasoning for this is unknown.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves information and literature above all else. He also cares deeply for his own golden Dragonknights and his other metallic Dragonlord friends. He likes the arts, food, and architecture.

Virtues & Personality perks

Methodical, patient, and loyal

Vices & Personality flaws

Stumbles his words and thoughts when in the presence of a non-Dragonborn individual

Personality Quirks

He doesn't stand still when speaking to another individual, he occasionally shifts and moves his entire body when speaking, but more commonly he twitches and tics his head especially. Tiber Sectum is one to be very expressive when he talks.


Contacts & Relations

It is assumed to be in regular contact with Bahamut, and he occasionally seeks out meetings with nearby metallic Dragons that either serve him directly or his other metallic Dragonlords. He also commands the golden Dragonknights that work within Maladakova's borders

Religious Views

He is a dedicated follower of Bahamut, probably one of his most esteemed followers.

Social Aptitude

Extremely adept when communicating with other Dragons, since he mostly talks with them on a regular basis. The precise nature with these interactions is unknown. When interacting with Dragonknights, he speaks in a low, confident and encouraging voice, and is extremely passionate. When talking with non-Dragonborns, he stutters and stumbles his words. It's clear he's not trying to be disrespectful, and it's maybe because of his infinite knowledge: he is watching very carefully what he says, for he fears he may say the wrong thing.


He is very expressive when he conveys his emotions


His natural voice his low, grumbly but peaceful. It does not unnerve his listeners, and he speaks with compassion.

Wealth & Financial state

He is known to have a treasure hoard and an extensive book collection, but the precise value of his possessions is still unknown. It is notable that his hoard is quite small compared to his metallic Dragonlord friends, but more than makes up for it with his book collection
Lawful Good (LG)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Great Dragonlord Scholar
Mount Celestia
Current Residence
Yellowish, goldish tendrills
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Gold scales, shiny and reflective like gold coins
54 feet (from ground to head height)
15,431 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I am Tiber Sectum, but there's no reason for you to introduce yourself: I already know everything I need to know about you."   "When you spend eternity doing a singular thing, even the greatest works of art brings me to tears.. of boredom"   "Oh, the joy of reading a book for the first time. What I would do to experience that again."
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
While the precise number of languages is unknown, due to his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his true age going past the ancient benchmark, it is safe to assume Tiber Sectum knows all languages.

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