The Dragonlords of Targonia

"We were taught to never question a Dragonlord's orders. This fight, this war; it is far larger than anyone one mortal could comprehend. I accept that. Do you?" - Dragonknight Odieas, bronze Dragonknight

The Dragonlords are the lieutenants and generals of the Dragonknights they control and answer only to the dragon deities of Bahamut and Tiamat, depending on what the Dragonlord follows. They are typically considered ancient dragons, and each one is unique with a different personality, belief, and legion of Dragonknights at their command. They carry out the ongoing fight between the dragon deities in what is dubbed as the Dragonwars. Regardless of their inclusiveness and their desire to fight only other Dragonlords and Dragonknights of the opposite side, it is a war that has put the rest of Targonia at unease, and people believe that it will boil over and instigate a brand new world war of sorts.

Public Agenda

To wage war on the opposite side, in the name of the dragon deity that one believes in.


The Dragonlords are the trusted allies of both Bahamut and Tiamat and are sent to populate the Material Plane (Targonia) and act on the behalf of the dragon deities one serve.


Each Dragonlord has dominion that each is responsible for. Whether it be by coincidence or Bahamut and Tiamat designed the distribution, the 10 provinces in Targonia has at least 1 Dragonlord within its border, though the exact location is unknown. The general geography of the province is a hint as to which Dragonlord dwells there. Tiber Sectum, an ancient golden dragon, prefers solitude and wishes a place to be no so heavily populated, like the province of Maladakova. Thoradin Magmantis, an ancient red dragon, prefers mountains and places of high elevation to create their own caves, thus he dwells in the mountains found in Rockdelven.


The Dragonlords act as generals and the superiors to the knightly order known as the Dragonknights, an order of Dragonborn that have sworn their service to the Dragonlord themselves or the Dragon deity the Dragonlord as allied themselves with.


The Dragonlords, not often typically depicted as religious followers from the public, the Dragonknights give accounts of extreme radicalism from both metallic and chromatic Dragonlords to Bahamut and Tiamat respectfully. Due to those deities, the Dragonlords exist, and for that, they owe their lives to them and wish to continue the fighting in their name.

Foreign Relations

The Dragonlord's relations with the rest of Targonia is unique to each of the different actual Dragonlords to the area. There are currently 10 recognized dragonlords of Targonia, and each has unique relations with each other and the rest of the world. It would be wise to treat each instance on a case-by-case study, but the general pattern is that metallic Dragonlords are looked up to in more positive regard then chromatic Dragonlords across the board. Some exceptions do apply like the Black Mask Society hates the golden dragonlord Tiber Sectum.


The Dragonlords must act accordingly to the principles and ethics set forth by Bahamut and Tiamat when they contributed their power with the rest of the Targonian pantheon that created the Material Plane. They must swear to wage war only on each other and not involve the other races in Targonia. The Dragonlords are also responsible for teaching these ways to their fellow Dragonknights to ensure this is never broken, for fears the other gods would have them banished for breaking this cosmic law.

Granted Divine Powers

The Dragonlords are some of the most powerful dragons that the entire universe has ever seen, only steps away to ascending to godhood if only the path there was clearer for them. However still, the dragon deities gift their power to their generals to aid their war, like innate spellcasting, legendary resistances, and other powers and abilities that are unique only to a particular Dragonlord.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Dragonlords and Dragonknights have an above-average influence on the political matters in Targonia. Favorable measures must be put forth by the other races to ensure it does not incur a Dragonlord's wrath, as a full-scale invasion could dissolve any nation into war. Vice versa, should a Dragonlord make a wrong decision, it could break political ties with the nation to resides in, thus, resulting with terrible conflicts like an eviction from their lair or full blown-out war is necessary. Both sides negotiate with the other in order to grant both sides what they want, though the negotiations with metallic Dragonlords are more welcomed and encouraged than those with chromatic Dragonlords, often met with suspicion and alertness.


The Dragonlords are divided into two recognizable groups: Metallic Dragonlords and Chromatic Dragonlords, obviously based on the color of their scales or the god that one follows.
Military, Other
Alternative Names
Soldiers of Bahamut and Tiamat
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