The Dragonknights

"Gods have always been important to us. But the Dragonborn, those who joined the Dragonknights; those are the soldiers of god. Crusaders of their beliefs. A kind of loyalty I think incomprehensible to the rest of us." - Godwoken Alexander

The Dragonknights are Dragonborn warriors that fight in the Dragonwars, a war that is waged between Dragonborn, the Dragonlords of Targonia and the two dragons deities, Bahamut and Tiamat. It consists of two factions: the metallic Dragonknights, metallic Dragonborn that follow the orders of the metallic dragonlords and Bahamut, and the chromatic Dragonknights, chromatic Dragonborn that follow the orders of the chromatic dragonlords and Tiamat. A faction as old as the Dragonborn themselves, the Dragonknights fight each in order to reign supremacy over the other. It is of essence that this represents the ongoing war between Bahamut and Tiamat, and while its conflict has stayed mostly away from the civilian populace, recent years have brought the Dragonwars into the international stage and has been met with concern from Targonia's institutions.


Dragonknights are soldiers who take orders from their superiors, who are typically clerics of the either Bahamut or Tiamat, and they take orders from the Dragonlords that dwell in Targonia.

Public Agenda

To fight against the mortal enemy of the other colour. Metallic Dragonknights swore an oath to fight on the side of Bahamut and all of the Metallic Dragonlords. Chromatic Dragonknights swore an oath to fight on the side of Tiamat and all of the Chromatic Dragonlords. Each also contributes to the well-being or discipline of the nations the Dragonknights find themselves in, whether its the betterment for all (Metallic) or to increase one own's power and Tiamat's (Chromatic)


They typically have forges, soldiers, horses and fortifications in the hamlets and towns that dot Targonia, as a way to help aid those towns and gain leverage in politics. Some Dragonknights are hired mercenaries, acolytes or clergymen, so some have amassed great wealth in the Dragonknight's name.


When the Material Plane was being formed, Bahamut and Tiamat had very different ideas on what their creations should be. Bahamut wanted the Dragonborn with metallic colours that cared for good, while Tiamat wanted chromatic colours and to serve her. And so, they brokered a deal: the Dragonborn will be given the colour at random and decide its own fate. However, in an act of trickery from both parties: the Dragonborn would be born with innate hatred towards the other. Even though the effects would subside after centuries, those who still felt this innate call to duty, they wanted to serve their gods, and thus, the Dragonknights were created.


The Dragonknights are soldiers who are typically Dragonborn and that fight on the behalf of either Bahamut or Tiamat (though some exceptions do exist). Most soldiers are either clerics, fighters or paladins, and they work with each other (alongside the respective Dragonlord of the area) to establish strategies and fronts against the opposite Dragonknights.


Most Dragonknights either pray to Bahamut or Tiamat, depending on whether they are metallic or chormatic. Chromatic Dragonborn are followers of Tiamat, and Metallic Dragonborn are followers of Bahamut, and while its not impossible for a Chromatic to pray to Bahamut or vice-versa, it is extremely rare.

Foreign Relations

Metallic Dragonknights often are praised for their improvement of an area as well as careful excersise of a land's laws, which has proven to be favorable for most of the nation's governments, like Revellon, Rockdelven, and Erusia. The Arcanic Assembly also holds great praise since it cares deeply for the treatment of the use of magic, same reactions go to the Divine Order. The Blask Mask Society is not quite so keen with a bunch of religious cops running around, as Metallic Dragonknights often interfere with Black Mask interventions. As for Chromatic, they too praise them but to a lesser degree. They keep the Dragonwars only between the Dragonborn, but it has spilled out numerous times over the centuries. This also comes at a time claims are made that Tiamat is plotting against the entire Targonian pantheon. While the Divine Order is investigating these claims, the Chromatic Dragonknights are met with an unease one would expect.

Mythology & Lore

The Dragonknights believe that both Bahamut and Tiamat were at war with each other since the beginning of time itself. One represents true will and virtue, the other practice deception and self-preservation. Bahamut and Tiamat are still at war with each other, and each as created their soldiers when they created the Material Plane, to have it act as a battlefield to decide who will prevail in this cosmic war.


  • A Dragonknight is not permitted to kill a non-follower, non-familiar race in combat. The Dragonknights are created to fight against other Dragonknights who oppose them; the other races are not part of this war with respect to the other gods.
  • A Dragonknight must swear an oath to either the appropriate Dragonlord of the same scale as the Dragonborn or the appropriate god. Any Dragonborns imposing as one without swearing the oath could break the laws set forth by Bahamut and Tiamat in the Dragonwars and must be dealt with at the discretion of a sworn Dragonknight.
  • A Dragonknight shall not kill a Dragonborn who is not a Dragonknight themselves. It would violate the laws set forth by Bahamut and Tiamat in the Dragonwars, as it would impede the individual's free will to decide. Should an act be committed, the Dragonknight must renounce their oath and leave, repent for their crimes if it was a misunderstanding, or be executed by a sworn Dragonknight.
  • Granted Divine Powers

    Some rumours spoke about more prestigious Dragonknights having powers very similar to those seen by Godvoken and Goddessvoken representatives in the Divine Order, or those with Source powers. It is difficult to say if these are a result of Source or of the powers granted by gods.

    Political Influence & Intrigue

    The concerns of the Dragonknights are considered whenever a government enacts a law, repeal or invasion, as the wrong decision could lead the Dragonknights to war. The governments understand the war between the Dragonknights within the Dragonwar context, and as such, as not typically trampled with, especially since Dragonknights are some of the oldest and prestiged warriors in all of Targonia. A government could be displeased with the Dragonknights if the battles result in civilian casualties, but both Metallic and Chromatic Dragonknights make extra precautions about fights ahead of time, so the relations are typically favorable.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum "If you want peace, prepare for war"

    Military, Knightly Order
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    Soldiers of Bahamut and Tiamat
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