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Daemaris was a Firbolg thinker who lived sometime around BV 1000-700. Not much is known about his personal life, but his philosophies and writings remain in the present day, shaping the world of magical ethics, especially as it relates to the discipline of enchantments.


Very few records remain in the present day about Daemaris's life. It is believed he was born around BV 1000 in the forests of Hobrun, an island of Krobesh. At some point, Daemaris discovered that he had the ability to use magic, but did not do anything significant with this power. Some historians believe he simply lived in the forest for the first century of his life, until he stumbled across the city of Kharov, which was relatively small but had a decent education system even so long before the Vanishing. Here, many historians believe Daemaris learned to read and write, and began thinking about the ways in which magic could be used. Sometime around BV 800, Daemaris wrote the first of his treatises, On the Ethics of Enchantment. This work focused, as its title suggested, on the ethics of using spells which are classified as enchantments, and specifically on those meant to change a user's thoughts or feelings without their consent.

Daemaris wrote his second and final work between BV 830 and BV 700, entitled The Use of Magic on Fauna, which applied the ideas from his first thesis to creatures and monsters which were thought to be less intelligent or developed than folk, whether true or not.

It is unclear when Daemaris passed away, but mention of him disappeared from Kharov city records shortly after his second treatise was published. Whether he simply left the city and returned to the forest or died somewhere undetected is disputed.


Daemaris's writings, although very simple and unrefined, have continued to impact the world of magic users throughout history. Many magical schools offer several courses on magical ethics, which typically focus heavily on Daemaris's works and others which build on his ideas. Although Daemaris's writings were rather primitive and uninformed in some cases, they provided a helpful stepping stone for other great thinkers to use in their own thinking. In part thanks to his work, many cultures find the use of enchantment spells to be unethical and inappropriate, although many magic users across the globe still employ them for various means. In some countries, such as Oflij or Osna, the use of enchantments is all but forbidden, only lacking written legislation to enforce such societal norms. However, the owners of many businesses and most citizens will not hesitate to enact their own justice when they realize someone has used an enchantment they have deemed forbidden.


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