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Acererak’s given name was Karecera

Karecera Xaldrisa (a.k.a. The Litch King)

Karecera was one of the Getherican’s most profound thinkers and since he was alive when Hervus was still intact he was the first person to ask philosophical questions. Born in a small town that has been lost to the centuries, Karecera lived a small near family. He prayed to Hervus every day, as did the rest of his family, but Karecera asked for more than a blessing and a good life, he asked for knowledge. Hervus was delighted to have someone to pass their knowledge to and they granted Karecera a supreme intellect to grasp the concepts he would learn. Hervus taught Karecera and showed him the wonders that they had created. Karecera kept asking for more of how the world around him worked, how he stayed on the ground, why he needed to eat, is there life in the stars above. Hervus kept providing the answers to Karecera until they had given to much and Karecera began to wield the knowledge as a weapon. One of the first users of magic Karecera leveled towns and murdered innocent people. Hervus came to destroy what they had created, but found only a husky of he man they had taught, he had been corrupted by an evil spiritand a thirst for power. Karecera had also decided to change his name so as to take on a new form entirely, he chose the name Acererak. Acererak turned himself into the first litch, corrupted by knowledge he should never has seen. He hid from Hervus and created a spell to destroy them in case they even came after him. This spell is known as The Elder Spell and it is the most powerful spell known to exist.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Frail but unkillable

Body Features

Leathery skin Skin has been pulled so tight that bones are easily visible

Facial Features

No hair Pure black eyes

Identifying Characteristics

The symbol of Acererak hanging on a chain around his neck

Apparel & Accessories

Deep purple robes held on him with magic Long gnarled wood staff

Specialized Equipment

Magic of necromancy

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in a nameless town Acererak has grow into one of the most important villains in the history of Gertherican.

Gender Identity



Schooled by Hervus themself

Accomplishments & Achievements

Chosen by Hervus to learn their creations workings Created The Elder Spell Achieved litchdom

Mental Trauma

Afraid of death(only thing that Hervus didn’t know about, they created a minor god to creat the afterlife)

Intellectual Characteristics

Insanely smart Fluent in most languages

Morality & Philosophy

Learn everything

Personality Characteristics


Learn every last bit of information


Hobbies & Pets

Pet ancient black dragon
Chaotic Evil
Year of Birth
10 AS 8637 Years old
Current Residence
Pure black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ghost white
Known Languages
All but silven and draconic

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