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I might be biased, but I have travelled all over Shireon and never have I encountered a smarter Dragonette than Fivel. A great company, unending entertainment, and a priceless adviser at times.
Thrannan Eralor
Bard and Loremaster

Ever since the travelling Bard Thrannan Eralor found Fivel as a tiny orphaned baby, the witty little Dragonette has seen an impressive chunk of Shireon. He is likely the only Dragonette who has experienced a siege while being on the battlefield - even though he wasn't very helpful - and the only one known for making songs.

A Musical Genius - At Least Compared to Other Dragonettes

There are some perks of being the travel companion of a Bard. One of them is being almost constantly exposed to music. Dragonettes as a species don't have a music culture, at least not in the way humanoids do, and Fivel would never be exposed to that part of Dragonette culture if it existed as he was merely a couple of days old when he was found.

It started as a silly game of sorts on the road. Dragonettes are naturally curious beings and tend to get bored easily, and Fivel was no exception. Thrannan made up a game where they would make songs together about what they saw, just to keep the little creature from chewing on the things he kept in his backpack or pockets. What the Bard didn't expect was that Fivel would not only continue playing that game through all of his life, even by himself, but actually get pretty good at it.

As Fivel was near-constantly singing songs about his travels and experiences, something surprising happened. As the duo returned to a tavern they hadn't visited for a while the patrons saw Fivel and started singing one of the songs the little Dragonette had been singing the last time he'd been there. This filled Fivel with newfound confidence and pride, and made him want to hone his song making skills even further.

A Great Thinker - At Least for Such a Small Mind

Fivel was wise - or at least he thought he was. He was always happy to supply advice - even when it's not wanted. It's hard for a Dragonette to read humanoid emotions and faces, so Fivel just had to do his best to guess when his advice was wanted and when it was not. This has resulted in several situations where someone has gotten angry about getting unwanted advice, in which some of them resulted in Fivel being very happy he was quick and could fly, but sometimes he was able to give decent advice at the right moment.

A Fierce Warrior - At Least When Not Actually Fighting

In his later years Fivel actually got to experience being in a siege. As Thrannan was fighting in the Asharian Siege on Vobranas in AE 2065 Fivel was on his shoulder the whole battle. Well, at least until they both got hurt. Don't worry, they both survived, yet for the rest of his life Fivel never let Thrannan forget how bad of an idea it was to fight in an actual war.

A Small Yet Widespread Legacy

There's many types of great people in the world. Some do great deeds and change society in huge ways. Yet some do it in smaller ways - like making songs that are still today sung in certain taverns, make improved versions of games that are still played and spread around the known world, and giving advice that are still remembered by the ones who got them - for better or for worse.

2048 AE 2067 AE 19 years old
Known Languages
Kuprian (surprisingly fluent)

Some of Fivel's Songs

That Steak Looks Delicious (Mind if I Take a Bite)
(Written in a tavern as one patron was eating a very delicious-looking steak when Fivel was hungry)

So many miles I've travelled until coming to this place;
My mind can think of just one thing - How can I stuff my face?
Your steak looks so delicious, sir, and cooked exactly right;
That's why I ask if you would mind if I would take a bite?

(Maybe there'll be more songs - we'll see)


Fivel had such a great mind he even managed to learn the basic rules of Tewugi, and loved to play it with people. The problem is that he was unable to plan his moves more than maybe two rounds. That's when he came up with Fivelugi, which is Tewugi only with a time limit on your move. No endless thinking allowed, since that was endlessly boring. You have ten seconds to do your move!

Of course, Fivelugi never became an official version of Tewugi, but there are some scattered players around Shireon who actually prefer the more fast paced form of the game.

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