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Tewugi is a strategic board game for two players. Each player has an army to control, and the goal is to knock out the enemy General before the enemy knocks out yours. Traditionally one player has red pieces and the other player has green pieces. Some sets might have other colours than the traditional ones, where the red side might be black or brown and the green side might be white or blue.

Divided Opinions

Some see Tewugi as the pinnacle of sophistication. The player needs to be intelligent to be able to beat their opponent in Tewugi, and be able to plan several moves ahead.

Others see Tewugi as a pointless time waster. Why sit there looking at a board with pieces when you could do some real work out in the fields? There have been accusations about Tewugi being a game for rich people who have time to sit down and learn it. Maybe they are right, as Tewugi is definitely more widespread among the nobility than the common folk.


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The original range of pieces consist of:

  • Swordsmen
  • Spearmen
  • Archers
  • Cavalry
  • Ballistas
  • General

The dragons saw the sapient species of Shireon play Tewugi one time they came to visit. They became interested in this strategic game, and decided to make their own version. The rules are almost the same, with some small variations. It is possible for a Tewugi player to play Dragon Tewugi with some time to get acquainted with the few rules that are different, and the few who have tried say it's a very interesting and rewarding experience.

Dragon Tewugi
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 8, 2018

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Hello, local wizard of feedback and Stratego battles, here to give you some constructive feedback for your board game article.   I see there's more to come for the rules, so I'll let that lie. What I do like is the admittance that rules for sports and games are hard to come up with on the spot so you want to give yourself time to do it right. It's very mature and realistic of you and it's okay to say I DON'T KNOW BUT I WILL! I'm getting chess vibes from the summary at the beginning, so I'm excited!   Also the fact your board game has variants is also incredibly well-planned! That Dragon Tewugi article looks to be a WorldEmber article that got put back into draft mode, but you've explained why it's referenced here so I am happy.   I also like that the people of Shireon are a little divided on whether the game is a great use of time or a waste of it. We see that a lot in the real world where some games/sports are considered less skilled or less desirable than others. It's very realistic, but if i could suggest it, could you make it a little more balanced? It seems that the negative reviews are take up a lot more space which may negatively influence your readers' opinions too.   Anyways, another day another bit of critique. See you in the comments of Two-mast Standard Transport. :)