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Delann Ambarell

The author of "A Paper on Medical Hygiene"

Medical Practitioner Delann Sol Ambarell

Delann Ambarell was a genius. She saw patterns where everyone else just saw coincidences. Without her work and studies, thousands would have perished due to the most simple mistakes.   It took a while for people to believe her though, especially her male colleagues didn't believe a word she wrote. I pity the patients back then.
  Delann Ambarell is one of the most well known medical practitioners of all time, due to the impact she had on the profession. Delann hailed from Mailessi and she'd studied to become a medical practitioner due to her mother being a natural-remedy healer.    

Career in medical practice

The theory begins
Her mother had taught her everything she knew, and one of the things she'd passed on to her daughter was the knowledge of disease transmission. Her mother had treated countless people through the years and she'd noticed how sickness spread when the caretakers didn't wash their hands or equipment. Her mother said to make sure the equipment didn't smell since that was a sign of disease.  

Armed with this knowledge, Delann went to school and studied the practise as well as the patterns of sickness in bigger medical facilities. She experimented with perfume and other things to get rid of the smell, but she noticed that this did nothing to help.  
A revolutionary find
Then she tried washing her hands with Pekra peel extract as well as treating the equipment with it. This seemed to have an impact on the number of sick and when she got her colleagues to do the same, there were almost no cases of transmission between patients.

Pekra single
by Ninne124

The paper
She was ecstatic over her find and quickly went to get more proof so she could write a thorough paper and publish it. But even after publishing the paper, many of her colleagues both in Wodila'hei and in The Kingdom of Edrea didn't believe in her finds. She fought for most of her career to get the theory recognized, but it never went further than that.  
Years went by and Delann passed away after a long history of illness at the age of 67. Her children inherited all of her old work and when the oldest daughter found the papers, she republished them in her mother's name.   This time, the theory caught on. This revolutionised the way medical practitioners in Wodila'hei operated. The theory caught on in Morlea as well, but it took some years before the skepticism finally disappeared.

631 - 698 (Died 67 years old)
Biological Sex
Dark brown
Short, coily, black
Skin Tone
Medium-Dark, cool undertones
1,69 m
Born in
Mailessi - Wodila'hei   Profession
Medical practitioner   Works
A Paper on Medical Hygiene
I'd never think I'd ever find a doctor in this day and age who doesn't believe in the Ambarell Theory?!
— Patient

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