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Carlin Dawmere (a.k.a. Carl, C, Lin, Linny)

Carlin looked at his brother in a mix between awe and horror. The green skin slowly melting through as well as the ears morphing into bigger and pointer ones could only mean one thing, his mother hadn't just had a man before his dad. She had been with an Iwach, and probably not of her own free will. Bashel turned around and looked at Carlin, his eyes wide and his hands shaking. Carlin noticed the yellow irises as well as the claws, his brother was a half-blood.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a bit short and he is pretty lanky, almost no muscle to speak of. He is however quite fast.

Body Features

He has fair skin, dirty blonde hair, light eyes in green and pretty big eyebrows.

Facial Features

He has pretty long limbs considering his height, he always seems awkward and out of place. He never knows what to do with himself or with his arms, he also has a habbit of falling over his own legs.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a mole on his right cheek, very close to his nose.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Carlin's mother and father died, he was stil pretty young. He had just turned 10 and Bashel was only 14. He was old enough to remember both his mom and dad vividly and he does, both in fond thoughts as well as nightmares. He had a shock when he discovered his brother was a half-blood, but he came to terms with it under their travel through the country and to safety from the villagers who were trying to kill them. He had a hard time when they first fled Altein, he had never known anything else in his life. He was removed from his home, his parents were dead and he felt like he didn't actually know who his brother was. He cried a lot, and when he didn't, he was silent. He was traumatised for a while, he wouldn't let Bashel out of his sight when they first came to the Castle of Lions, but as time went on he got friends of his own who he could talk to. While his problems and trauma never left him, he found out how to tackle them in the most sitations. When he arrived at the castle he found his true call: cooking. He's a natural and is now one of the most loved chef's in the kitchen, even though he's still just a kid.


He has never gone to school, but his mom and dad taught him as much as they could about woodworking (which he sucked at) and cooking. When he came to the castle and was aasigned to the kitchen he got a nice older lady as a mentor. She taught him as much as she possibly could about cooking.


When he first got to the castle he was put in the kitchens to do the most basic things such as peeling potoes and chopping vegetables for the food. However one of the cooks there noticed his potential and when he had learned enough he was offered the position of chef/cook.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He became one of the favorite cooks at the castle within his first 3 years of living there, at the age of 13.

Failures & Embarrassments

He tried learning to fight, but he has almost no muscles, that was a failure for him as he felt like he was weak and unuseful.

Mental Trauma

Becoming a orphan at a young age, being hunted through the country and discovering his brother was something completely different than Carlin thought he was. Carlin has night terrors regarding the two first things, as they were quite traumatising for him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Creative, especially in regards to cooking. He's also good at innovation and always comes up with the craziest ideas and plans, somehow they usually turn out okay or even great.


Family Ties

His brother is Bashel, they're only half-brothers however. They share the same mother, but have different fathers.

Social Aptitude

He is quite awkward and held back, but when he is with friends he is a ray of sunshine.


He has a habbit of fiddling with his hands and arms. When he gets nervous he usually rubs his hands together or one hand on his other arm.



Half-brother (Vital)

Towards Bashel




Half-brother (Vital)

Towards Carlin




They might only be half-brothers but they've been close their entire lives. Ever since their parents died, Bashel has taken care of Carlin as much as he possibly could. They are extremely close and care deeply about each other.

Nicknames & Petnames

Usually Bashel will call Carlin Lin, C or Linny (the last one if he wants to annoy his little brother.) Carlin usually call Bashel Bash, B or Kit (short for kitten, it's a joke because Bashel's fangs when in Iwachi form looks like kitten fangs, or that's what Carlin says anyways)

Shared Secrets

Carlin knows that Bashel is a half-breed, which is dangerous for both of them if it comes out. Carlin could be sent to prison and Bashel would be killed. They care about each other though, and Carlin would never tell on his older brother.

Current Location
Year of Birth
773 AK 14 Years old
Current Residence
Medium length, dirty blond
1,71 meters

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Dec 15, 2019 19:46

Sounds like he might eventually come to be the leader of the party, despite there being a princess and several more assertive people to choose from. Also, never leave home without someone who knows how to make a mean adventurer's stew!   What are some of his favorite recipes?