The pearl of Edrea

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The sun rose in the distance, sending light in on the pure white buildings on the dock. The Castle of Lions towered over it, completely iluminated, the windows and gold details reflecting the light in a manner that almost seemed otherworldly.
  Bechlea is the capital city of Edrea and home to the royal family.  


The city of Bechlea is located near the ocean, there are many merchants who come to and from the city both by boat and by horse. Bechlea is a pretty important place in the Kingdom of Edrea as it is the biggest city as well as the location of the Castle of Lions, home to the royal family. Many of the wealthier merchants have their family in the city and the more influential and rich families live in areas very close to the town so they can come to the castle easily.  
Bechlea Map
A map over Bechlea, the capital city of the Kingdom of Edrea.


Since the first great war the few Iwachi who lived in Edrea fled to Ildres to avoid getting killed. There are very few left in the city, most of them prisoners of war. The half-bloods have been eradicated as well, but the ones who have learnt to stay hidden still live within the city walls. There are around 4000 living halfbloods in Bechlea who have still not been discovered.  
Species Percentage
Humans 97%
Half-bloods 2,9%
Iwachi >0,1


There is a big wall going through the town, all the wealthier citizens live behind the wall so they are safer. It used to be so that the entire town was behind the wall but as the population grew there were no longer room for everyone.

There are also towers built into the wall and the guards are able to walk on the top of it so that they can shoot enemies down with bows and arrows.


Bechlea is located on the east coast of the continent of Morlea. There is both lakes, rivers, mountains and a forest nearby.  

Natural Resources

Bechlea generally gets most of its wood from The Forest of Lihan, though some wood has to be brought in from other places as not many dare to go into the woods. The mountains to the north and west of Bechlea supply the city with stone and metals, there are many ores and they are being used to the fullest as there are many mines in the area.


  • Bechlea Map
    A map over Bechlea, the capital city of the Kingdom of Edrea.
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

The Castle of Lions

The Castle of Lions

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