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The shadow of Death

Written by ninne124

Assassin King Elyas Powel (a.k.a. Scar)

Scar looked at the generals around the table, all seven of them were present and it was time to reveal the biggest mission they'd ever get. The assassination of the entire royal family as well as starting an actual war.
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The most interesting part was the one who'd ordered the hit; the king's own brother.

Early life

Elyas Powel was just a boy when he lost his family and his home. He was born in a poor area of Bechlea and no one was willing to take in a poor, uneducated child. He lived on the streets for years, grouping up with other young people who had fallen into the same fate as himself. Him and three others were one day aproached by a messenger from The Ring of Death, who had a proposition. They could become messengers for the guild and in turn gain housing, food and education. Elyas accepted, as did his friends.

Early life in the Ring of Death

They all worked as messengers for years, until one day when the Assassin King at that point chose that they had gotten enough training. They were promoted to be leg-assassin and were soon on their very first mission. The first mission didn't go exactly as planned as a cook of the household was still on duty, even though he shouldn't have been. That was the day Elyas got his trademark scar, and he has been known as Scar ever since.

From Scouter to General to Assassin King

Scar had an easy time learning the best ways of assassinating people without being caught. He was very strategic and as years went, he was promoted to scouter. He was now the leader of the missions, and he did remarkably well. He worked close together with the generals of the guild and one of them saw his potential. When another General died, he was put up as a possibility. The Assassin King chose him and so he became a General.

Scar was a trusted general for years, and he was one of the generals who were considered to be most likely to become the next assassin king. When the Assassin King died, the document stated that Scar was to take over the position. This was accepted by the other generals as they held a lot of respect for him.


Identifying features

The easiest way to identify Scar is by the long scar running all the way from his temple to his collar bone. It it quite big as well as an angry pinkish color. The skin is bumpy and uneven. It is impossible not to see it.  

Dooming Bechlea

Scar was the Assassin King who accpepted the offer of killing the king and the royal family, as well as making sure a war broke out so they looked like casualties of the war. He accepted. There is currently chaos in Bechlea and the Idrish troops march for the city.

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The Ring of Death murdered one of the Idrish emmisaries, the word of it got back to Ildres and it was seen as a declaration of war, Ildres declared war in return. They march for the capital were they will attack the castle of lions, forcing the royals to flee.

Crownprincess Zuree escapes with Bashel, Carlin and @Ferrah. The King and Queen manage to flee too, but no one knows of their whereabouts after the invasion of Bechlea.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Assassin King - Leader of the Ring of Death
Year of Birth
751 AK 36 Years old
Current Residence
Medium length, light brown
186 cm
82 kg
Aligned Organization

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