The Country of Ildres


In the country of Ildres there is a Leader. The Leader has been chosen by the people and will rule the country for as long as he chooses, possibly until death. When the Leader dies, a new one is chosen by the people.


The entirety of the landmass of Ildres


The country of Ildres was established shortly after the Lost Years ended. It was founded in 107, so the country is around 650 years old. The country was unstable for many years, leaders were murdered all the time, and so political groups formed so if one died another could take his place. Around 350 the country finally stabilised and there has been a sort of peace within it's borders ever since. Mostly Iwachi has lived there through the times but some humans could be found there before the First Great War in 498.
Geopolitical, Country
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