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The Southern Continent

The southern continent (also named Wodila'hei by the inhabitants) is made up of eight countries in total. The continent is more or less only inhabitated by humans but both Iwachi and Half-breeds have been observed in multiple countries. Most of the nations have the same policies regarding them as The Kingdom of Edrea does, due to their alliance and the spread of A Theory on Species.  


The continent is rather large and features both areas with green grass and lots of life but also wide desserts devoid of most common lifeforms. Many of the major cities have sprung to life next to one of the rivers. There is a mountainrange on the border between Wyeen'cil and Mailessi and the largest body of water on the continent is the Pelagan lake in Seonad.   The climate is warmer than in Edrea and the climate can be harsh especially in the summers. It tends to get scolding hot in the days during the summer, but in the night the temperature can drop drastically. This often leads to deaths of people who become dehydrated and then don't have enough energy to producre heat during the night.


  • Wodila'hei


Wodila'hei means land of the spirits in the old tongue. It's rarely spoken anymore, but a few of the elders in each nation teach it so that it will not be lost.
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The southern continent
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