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Selian Nights

Nights of enjoyment, mystery and community-spirit

When the summer months come forth in Wodila'hei, the Selian nights begin. It's a common tradition in Mailessi especially, were there are many Losheeans. Many of the other ethnicities join in on the festivites as well, if they live in a country that hosts the Selian nights.   There are many different things to do during the Selian nights, if you want to attend, of course.

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Activities during the Selian Nights

The Selian Nights are held every single evening of the week, except for Sundays, through the week of July. Not everyone participates every evening, but there are many who do if they have the time.  


When the Selian Nights are held, there are many people out on the streets when it's dark and they stay outside for hours. Some people spend their nights working in food stalls so they can sell food to those who might become hungry. The decorations of the food stalls are very important and they're usually decked out in bright colours and bathed in light from multiple torches.   The food served are common dishes from the area. In Mailessi they usually make food from their family's Recipe books.  


The big market-squares and town-squares always have at least one group of musicians making the evening more festive. It's common to stumble upon a large group all playing together and people joining in and singing if they know the songs. It can be hard to sleep if you're at home because the music echoes through the streets.  

Ceremonial Praying

During the evening, many flock to the temples to pray to Arkna together. It's a special type of prayer since many pray alone and in silence usually. At the ceremonial joint prayers, everyone stands together with closed eyes, praying out loud in murmurs and holding hands. It's a great way for the participants to bond.

The Mask-dance

There is one specific activity which only happens once a week during July. The mask-dances are held Fridays and involve lot's of people, preferably drunk, and lots of masks, music and dancing.   You bring a mask from home and wear it before going outside, the purpose is that no one should be able to recognize you because of your face. Many wear entirely black clothes with a very colourfull mask so that it looks like the mask floats in the darkness.   The nearest town-square is generally the destination with a couple of detours for food and drinks. The musicians will also be playing this evening, but this time it's the common folk-dance music. Then everyone starts dancing and they usually end up with a partner.   Some end up meeting their future partner this way. Many think that the most romantic way of meeting is continuously seeking out one another to the mask-dances every week, before revealing their faces at the very last one.  

Midnight bathing

Every night, many people go to the nearest body of water, be it a town canal, lake, river or ocean. Here many soak their feet or some even jump in fully clothed. Many need to cool down due to the warm temperatures, even during the night.

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