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Mother Earth, goddess of life, power and death.

The fires burned bright and violent, embers flew in the air as if they were fireflies. The chanting of the group rang in the air. They were all on their knees holding each other hand in hand, eyes glowing an illustrious blue. In the middle of the circle they formed was a big drawing, drawn into the muddy soil. Silence grew as the last chant had been uttered, and then called out for Arkna to bless their ritual.
  Arkna is the mother goddess, the only true deity in the world according to Arknans. She is the creator of all and is said to be able to control whatever she desires. Though she could rule the world with an ironfist, Arkna created the world and leaned back to see her work thrive on it's own. She is said to have only intervented in the matters of the world when she revealed magic to the humans and Iwachi by teaching them to build Shrines.

Arkna Wall Mural
by Ninne124
An old mural found in one of the earliest shrines made in Wodila'hei, the technique was introduced by the man who ended up being the first Osaa who had been travelling in Morlea and witnessed the vision.

She has never shown herself to the humans and Iwachi in the real world, as they would likely go mad from the mental strain it causes. Instead she showed herself and how to build the shrines in a collective vision.   The religion was created and was based on balance, both relating to magic use as well as the way of life lead by the humans and Iwachi. The faith spread like a wildfire along with the magic and for a while most in Morlea and Wodila'hei believed in the same thing. The exception was the Treil, a subgroup of the Iwachi, who took in Arknaism and merged it with their own religion. They incorporated the magic, but they believed their ancestors were the source of the power and that people with a high magical potential were those worthy of protecting their tribe after they died. They were often seen as a sort of mortal deity who would ascend to be a real deity when they died.

The mother of life as well as death, of darkness and light, of evil and good and of day and night. Arkna is the earth, the wind and the fire. She is the water, the birds and the thunder. She blesses us with magic and strike down those who misuse it. The guardian, creator and the judge.
— The Arknaistic Book of Truth

Forgotten but still there

The humans and Iwachi believed in Arkna for many years, spreading the knowledge they'd gotten in the vision. They wrote down the guidelines they had received. They should live life with a balance, give as much as they take. Through the years, people lost touch with the original religion and the meaning of Arkna morphed into a concept or an entity that is said to be within all living and dead things. The humans of Morlea and the Nerna Iwachi mainly believed in the reformed religion they called Munduanism.
The humans of Wodila'hei still believe in Arkna and honor her in their ceremonies in the shrines, even though they have no power anymore.    
The symbol is called Pra and means magic, oftentimes Arkna and Pra can be called by both names, Arkna is seen as being magic and the magic is seen as being Arkna herself. The followers of munduanism might refer to the "magic of nature" as either, they believe both words refer to the natural magic in the earth. They believe it is the magic that guides and aids them in their lives, not some goddess.

The Vengeful Mother

Arkna blessed the Iwachi and humans back in the day by giving them access to the power that flowed through the world, but just as she could give it, she could also take it back.    

She did that when the armies of The Kingdom of Edrea and The Country of Ildres started ruining shrines all over Morlea during The Second Great War, in their attempts to weaken each other by making sure less magic users would appear over the years. Arkna looked at her subjects and was overwhelmed with sorrow and disappointment as she saw them turn on one another and ruin the blessings she'd given them.   She hid the The Shrine of Aralican in a thick mist so that no one would be able to find it and then she blocked all magic to the remaining shrines that had not been ruined. It was the punishment the inhabitants of her world would have to endure after upsetting the balance of the world with their wars and their butchering.

Magic Rune by Ninne124
Pra is the rune for magic, some call it Arkna as well as both the rune and the goddess is associated with magic.

  The Southeners believe that Arkna has forsaken them for now, but believe that one day, someone worthy will step forward and right the wrongs on the world's behalf and bring back the power and prosperity.

Divine Classification
Glowing blue
Silver with a blue hue

Crown of Arkna

The crown of Arkna is a symbol well known by all on the southern continent, but less known in Morlea. The Sun Crown that was made for Zuree and gifted by Osaa Linkoshi is meant to resemble the Crown of Arkna. Queen Cerilyn knew the symbolism as her her grandmother is from Wodila'hei Union. Queen Cerilyn believes in Arknaism herself and has passed bits of it unto Zuree.

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Cover image: by Ninne124
Character Portrait image: by Ninne124


Author's Notes

08.12.18: Article written
09.12.18: Article posted

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9 Dec, 2018 00:14

Quick grammar note: this is how i started writing this comment. " the first sentence under the mural says when she revealed magic to... Then the next sentence says she has never been seen tho. Are they meant to be joined sentences, or separate cause it could go either way and needs a little touch-up." However, i went back and think the first paragraph continues below the mural. Idk if it was jntentional but it threw me off. Lol do with that what you will.     She's a great goddess with a little deistic quality too which you don't see often. Gods in fantasy tend to be more hands on so that refreshing. I wonder why she hasn't been seen at all even in the only time she did intervene. Why visions and not show up personally?

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9 Dec, 2018 00:14

Also note I'm in a phone right now so it might be fine if so disregard lol. Really got to find a better outlet

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9 Dec, 2018 18:27

Hi Dylonia! It's looks alright in my browser, sorry it's weird for you >.<   I've added a bit about the vision part. Just like magic can be overwhelming for the mind, so can the sight of an actual goddess be. So she didn't show herself to the people to make sure no one went mad at the sight of her.   And thank you! I tried making her different from the usual fantasy gods and I'm happy that my intention of making her more deistic worked out :D

9 Dec, 2018 22:38

Gooood its just me that fine lol and yessss called it! You're welcome. Keep it up

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9 Dec, 2018 07:53

Ooooh, iiiiiiinteresting stuff Ninne! :D   The most important question: does she exist? You mention ceremonies that used to have power - was that due to magic or due to actual divine manifestations? Or is this no longer known? :3   I like the ambigiousity. It makes sense for people to blame a goddess for magic fading when, really, it was their fault for wrecking all of the shrines. :D   Small grammar note: if "arknans" is the name of the religion, it should be capitalized :) Same for "munduanism "   What does her clergy look like? Is there a church, with vast holding and political power (like the Catholic Church back in the day)? Or have the nobles and merchants put the kebosh on that? Is there anything like "only an ordained priest of Arkna can offer prayer and receive her message"?   Keep on being awesome and world-embering :D

9 Dec, 2018 18:24

Thanks you for the comment Q! She does indeed exist, except after the destruction of the shrines she hid the last shrine on Morlea and made sure those in the southern continent didn't work. She wanted to teach them a lesson.   There is indeed a sort of church, I'm currently writing about Arknaism, so you'll have to wait for that article ^-^

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9 Dec, 2018 09:04

Great formatting! You really break up the text well using the headers and the pictures! The picture of Arkna sticks out and describes her perfectly without any words.   Not sure if I missed it, but why did Edrea and Illdres start ruining shrines? The runes are a great touch as well. Only real feedback is I'd like to see it come full circle a bit. I didn't feel like the article was truly on Arkna

9 Dec, 2018 18:22

Thank you so much for the comment, I'll be sure to add a bit about the conflict. Do you have any specific tips for how to "come full circle"? :D

9 Dec, 2018 21:08

I love the artwork you use here, did you draw it all yourself? I like how detailed everything is, and it paints a pretty decent picture of who she is. I do have to point out that you did misspell ruined as "ruinded" at one point, but other that that, great!

9 Dec, 2018 21:31

Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you liked it!   Thank you so much, I did draw it myself yes :D And I'll go fix that typo right away, thank you so much for taking the time to read the article and comment, it means a lot!

9 Jun, 2019 04:12

OKAY WHAT THE FUCK. This article was simply a fucking masterpiece! Even a dumb and depressed Indian cryptid like me could understand just simply how beautiful this article is! First of all, I just love the name Arkna. I think this is the perfect example of how to write a deity article. It has everything from the history of the existence of the goddess to the people’s view of her and the religion based on her (Arknaism). Each of your headers tells a beautiful and separate story about Arkna that compliments each other and by a perfect bondage of storytelling and worldbuilding and formatting through the use of BBcode, you manage to write a spectacular article. OH AND DID I MENTION HOW BADASS AND AMAZING THE ART LOOKS? I mean it’s just so damned good and amazing and I perfectly compliments this article. If I could like this 4 times, I would. Once for the storytelling, once for the worldbuilding , once for the formatting and also once for the art. Oh and you also get a bonus like from me for this article simply being in your world ( Which I’m a very very unhealthy fanboy of). You’ve been so damned inspiring to me and everyone ninne! This article really helped me recover quite a bit from a defeat I had suffered the previous night as of the writing of this comment so besides that, I thank you for the bottom of my heart for yet again inspiring me. Congratulations and keep up the inspiring and amazing work!