Djahl Linkoshi Umbilho

Linkoshi is the current Osaa of Mailessi as well as the Djahl of the Wodila'hei Union. She is considered to be the most influential and powerful person on the southern continent. She is strongly rivaled by her cousin Anjawon who is the Osaa of Wyeen'cil.   Linkoshi has had strong ties to Queen Cerilyn and King Lamont through the years and she has made sure that Mailessi and the WU has good realtions to The Kingdom of Edrea. One of the things she did as a gesture was having The Sun Crown and a dagger crafted for Zuree in Prin.  


She married one of the princes from Ikjaal. Her parents gave her the chance to choose whomever she wanted, as long as they were of an acceptable heritage. She met the prince when their parents assembled for a Wodila'hei Union meeting and they fell in like with one another. He was only one year older than her and they married when she turned 21. They got four children, the first born girl died as an infant.

Linkoshi hadn't expected to become the Osaa, she had an older brother who had been raised to rule the nation. But when the time came and her father died her brother stepped back and instead proposed that she should be the next Osaa. It turned out to be a wise choice as Mailessi has never prospered more. The ties to their neighbours have become even stronger and they have an ongoing alliance with Edrea.

Sadly, her husband passed away after a longer period of illness. She chose not to remarry out of respect and love for her husband.


Personality and Behaviour

Linkoshi is a strict ruler. She doesn't tolerate anyone slacking off nor does she look kindly to those who do not follow her orders. She is the highest power in the nation as well as the highest power in all of Wodila'hei. In her personal life she is a bit softer, she has raised her three remaining children well. She is strict with them too, but in a way only a mother would. She treats her staff well and many of the maids closer to her and her kids are almost seen as a part of their family. Some of them are even called aunty or uncle by her children.

She is very concerned with how the poor are faring in the nation, she doesn't give them money directly but often rehouse families or help individuals get a job with pay. She has a saying that goes: "the quality of a leader reflect in their treatment of those less fortunate"



She has a habit of shutting down the other Osaas when they discuss in the WU, something that is highly frowned upon and has almost landed her and Mailessi in trouble multiple times. She is hotheaded in some ways and can be stubborn. It sometimes happens that she vetoes decisions which almost every other country agrees with. That has caused tension between especially Mailessi and Seonad.


She has a slight lisp but no one dares to mention it to her face, both out of fear but also out of respect for the Osaa. She is aware of it but has learned to live with it. The only time it is mentioned is when one of her children wants to take a low blow in an argument.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
732 AK 55 Years old
Biological Sex
Deep brown
Short, black

Cover image: by Vertixico
Character Portrait image: by Ninne124


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