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2 Dec, 2018 13:55

Thank's for the follow, from italy with love <3

2 Dec, 2018 06:03

Thanks for following the Atlamb Expanse!

1 Dec, 2018 17:02

Thank you for the follow!

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1 Dec, 2018 17:16

You're welcome! Enjoy WorldEmber! :)

1 Dec, 2018 16:48

Thank you very much for following Aqualon ^-^ If you enjoy my world and/or would like to chat it up with fellow writers and get all the newest Aqualon articles and exclusive facts about the world, consider dropping by our Discord Server!   I wish you success on your World Ember goals :3 I'll take a look at your world in a bit.

1 Dec, 2018 17:16

Thanks a lot for your comment! What I read about it sounded really good, so keep up and Rock WorldEmber! :)

1 Dec, 2018 17:33

Thank you!

29 Nov, 2018 22:02

Love your avatar :smile: Let's tackle World Ember! :D

1 Dec, 2018 09:07

Thanks a lot! I drew it myself. :D Call me the next Banksy! :D   Let's rock!


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