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24 Mar, 2019 02:30

Thank you for giving my article a like!

24 Feb, 2019 16:20

Thanks for following my world! You've got some interesting worlds on the go here!

24 Feb, 2019 19:28

Thank you! Too bad I can't work on them all, already struggling to make progress on my main x) Your premise soudns super interesting, and your design is superb!

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
19 Feb, 2019 14:46

Thank you for the like! <3

19 Feb, 2019 15:25


18 Feb, 2019 03:03

thank you for the like!

7 Feb, 2019 14:32

Thanks for the follow man:)

7 Feb, 2019 14:39

Really interesting concept, look forward to reading it :)

1 Feb, 2019 13:33

Thanks for the like! :)

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1 Feb, 2019 00:26

Thanks for the follow!

1 Feb, 2019 00:50

Looking forward to read more from your world! Really enjoy the setting, and your challenge entry is nice, too!

1 Feb, 2019 00:59

Thank you, that means a lot. Progress will probably be pretty slow, but I hope not to disappoint.

1 Feb, 2019 14:31

Take your time! Don't feel pressured. When I got my first follower I panicked - I felt, OMG, they will want to read, I will have to deliver...! I'm writing a lot myself and don't have as much time as I want to to check my followed worlds out, so please don't feel pressured! :)

Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
31 Dec, 2018 06:00

Thank you so very much for following Lyra <3

31 Dec, 2018 07:58

Your map successfully teasered me! :) Thank you for the follow, too!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
26 Dec, 2018 17:40

Ahhh! Thanks for tge follow

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26 Dec, 2018 17:43

I thought I followed you on that one ages ago! lol

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
26 Dec, 2018 17:45

I did too lol idk what happened but thanks so much regardless :D

Check out my work | The Web | Expedition Demeter
18 Dec, 2018 06:58

Thank you, for following my brand new world Tovedorp and putting forward trust and interest in my new project :) I hope you will enjoy what I build there!

16 Dec, 2018 23:56

Thanks for your likes, help and a follow. :D

3 Dec, 2018 19:03

Thank you so much for the follow!

2 Dec, 2018 21:27

Thank you for the follow :D

2 Dec, 2018 22:26


1 Dec, 2018 09:08

Whoop whoop! We're gonna rock WorldEmber! :)

25 Oct, 2018 13:49

Thanks for the follow :)

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26 Oct, 2018 20:37

Its more than earned :)


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