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Those people were mean to us right mama? My teacher said they used to bully Triyeans
— small Triyean child
  Wyeen'cil is the largest nation on the continent of Wodila'hei Union, with borders to five out of the seven other nations as well as lots of coast and a couple of islands under their rule.  

Demography and Population

Ethnicity Percentage
Southern 94%
Northern 6%
Losheean 72%
Eskain 16%
Triyean 8%
Zlossian 4%
Religion Percentage
Arknaism 87%
Munduanism 7%
Smeerkanism 5%
Other 1%


The state religion is Arknaism and is what the majority of the people in Wyeen'cil believe in. There are many Shrines in Wyeen'cil, though none work after the disappearance of Magic. Generally people believe what is said in The Book of Truth and most believe in the traditional way.   Some believe in Munduanism, the religion most often seen in The Kingdom of Edrea, this religion is allowed and is not shunned from society and most Priestesses of Arkna will allow the Munduanists to take part in the services that are held in the Arkanistic shrines.   There is a small presence of Smeerkanism, a darker form of Arknaism, which is usually frowned upon. There is a cult of believers, they are generally Zlossian, but they don't do rituals with the Arknaists or Munduanists. Instead they tend to carry out their illegal rituals in hidden and secret locations.

Foreign Relations

Wyeen'cil has been in open war with both Mailessi and Nata'ul, which lead to the founding of the Wodila'hei Union. The three other countries with borders against Wyeen'cil ( Ikjaal, Yleshi and Lobaac'i) joined the WU as well. Wyeen'cil had bad relations with them until the Osaa that had commanded the invasion of several of the countries died.   The new Osaa negotiated with the WU and soon Wyeen'cil was taken in as a member and officially they had good relations to all of the nations in Wodila'hei. That was not exactly how it went, both Ikjaal and Nata'ul had been invaded numeral times and unlike Mailessi, they weren't welcoming of the new Osaa and his country.   As time went on, the spite and hatred died out and now Wyeen'cil has great connections with the countries around them, most notably with Mailessi due to the fact that Anjawon is the cousin of Osaa Linkoshi, who is also the Djahl of the Wodila'hei Union.   Wyeen'cil also has a good relationship with The Kingdom of Edrea through the WU, and because of a personal friendship between Linkoshi, Anjawon and Queen Cerilyn.

Agriculture & Industry

Most industry in Wyeen'cil revolves around mining in the north and farming in the south-west. The mountains between Mailessi and Wyeen'cil are filled with metals such as iron and gold. There have even been found etheral iron which is very central to the Priestesses of Arkna. Most commonly the farmers of the south grow special plants such as Pelagin, a sour fruit that can only grow in a few special places in Wodila'hei, it is very expensive and is a specialty in The Kingdom of Edrea.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Pelagin to Edrea, Mailessi, Ikjaal, Nata'ul and Yleshi.
Major Imports
Wood from Yleshi   Silk and cloth from Ikjaal
Official State Religion
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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